I was pretty excited.  That first time I cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner by myself.  In my first own home.  With my first husband.   My house.  My kitchen.

Because of my then husband’s work schedule, a swing shift, there was no way we would be able to join either of our families for a Thanksgiving meal.   I was going to cook the entire thing.  By myself.  For just the two of us.  I was prepared.  I did my shopping.  Stuffing the cart to stuff us.

For the two of us I bought and cooked an 18 pound turkey.  I have to say it turned out fabulous!  Golden brown.  Tender meat.  Five pounds of potatoes peeled and boiled and mashed with butter and salt and pepper and back in the day when I used whole milk.  Two one pound bags of frozen corn.  Home made noodles, a dozen eggs worth of home made noodles.  Ten loaves of bread stuffing.  Sadly I forgot the sage.  How one does that, I don’t know.  It did not taste like stuffing.  It tasted like roasted bread with roasted celery and roasted onion.   Sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce.  Which I added for the husband.  I didn’t like it so I didn’t make much of that.    Fresh baked rolls.

Two pumpkin pies.

One apple pie.

I remember that meal well.

Considering we ate it for a month.

Happy Thanksgiving !

(FYI:  There is a huge adjustment going from a family of ten.   To two.)