It’s Not Working

Seven Year Old :   Mamo, do you know why you look so old?

Me:  No, why do I look so old?

Seven Year Old:   Because you don’t use lotion on your face.

I can take a little constructive criticism when it is given from someone who knows more than I do.  And yes, seven year old girls know more than I do about appearance.

So a couple of months later after using lotion on my face…..

Me To Seven Year Old:  I forgot lotion this morning.  I need some.

Seven Year Old:  Why?

Me To Seven Year Old:  So I don’t look old any more.

Seven Year Old:  It’s not working.

I may have old looking skin.  Thank God it’s thick skin with a great sense of humor.   😉

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61 thoughts on “It’s Not Working

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beauty is only lotion deep!

  2. cindy says:

    You’re beautiful just like you are…..old 😉

  3. Bless ’em out of the mouths of babes lol. I never bothered much with potions and lotions, washed my face in Soap and water, though now I use goats milk soap. Unfortunately I do need to lather a bit of night cream on now and day cream, just to hydrate my skin a bit more. Doesn’t make you look necessarily younger, but feels better 💙

    • The funny thing is Jen I’ve never ever worn make up or used lotion. I’ve just never bothered. Though in the past couple of years I’ve wondered why my skin is always peeling. When the 7 yr old told me this she was just repeating something someone told her. So, I started using the lotion. And how about that, the peeling has almost stopped! 😉 I don’t look younger but my skin looks less peely. 🙂

      • I think they are needed to stop the dryness as we ..erm mature. I’m glad your less peely too 😄 can’t hurt to whack some on. Ponds cream had been around for years, what they have now is a just a different version, 😀

        • Well I think I was always too lazy before. But by golly shame on me. Because it sure makes a difference. 😉 DOesn’t take much to make a difference in my uhm…maturing face. 😉

  4. I grew a pretty thick skin teaching elementary school kids for 20 years. They can be brutally honest–but it’s usually not meant to be mean. They’re just telling it like it is–or at least the way they see it!

    • This was taken very much in a light hearted manner. It wasn’t meant in a mean way at all. 🙂 Both times it made me laugh. She would never have said anything to hurt my feelings. And truth be told…it was very helpful! 🙂

  5. Those seven year olds, huh? That’s how old my daughter is and she can really turn ’em out though I don’t think she’s ever quite so insulting. My sister tutors kids and she has to take a lot of that kind of crap, and, as mentioned in above comment, it is mean!

    • 🙂 It was all meant in good form Marissa. She was repeating something said to her. And if you could have SEEN my old face….after I started using the lotion it made a HUGE difference. In my skin. Though it did NOT make me look any younger. 😉

      • Okay, well I’m sure she was someone who was near and dear to you. Often, with my sister, they are just being cruel and the fact that they have no filter just makes it worse. By the way, I know pictures might not be the best frame of reference, but you look very youthful to me.

        • YOU are my favorite today Marissa! But full disclosure…that picture is a few years old. Or older. 😉 though I look pretty much the same….a bit older none the less. I was on a mountain in Ireland in my own personal heaven. I couldn’t possibly have looked better. 🙂

          And this little one is definitely near and dear to me. And yes, if it had been one of my sisters who had said it I would have reacted ENTIRELY different. 🙂 AND I would have asked you to write one of your prose works about the evil wenches!!!! 😉

  6. diggingher says:

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  7. reocochran says:

    Out of the mouths of babes! ha ha! I am not sure this is accurate about your face, Colleen! But this was funny and will be the last post I read tonight… hunger pains…. smiles!

  8. markbialczak says:

    Wow. Your little photo looks so smooth, Colleen. I think the lotion is doing its magic! Or, better yet, you never needed it in the first place. Yeah, that’s the one!!

    Hey, the 7-year-old hasn’t had this year’s eye doctor visit yet, right?


  9. That seven yr old is so funny. You should ask her why its not working and give a few more advices haha 🙂

  10. Oh this is so funny….and very familiar! My 7-year old granddaughter made some reference the other day to her assumption that I must be shrinking because I am so old. LOL! Who could get away with these kinds of comments except these little girls who have stolen our hearts! 🙂

    • Exactly Debra! 🙂 They say these things with such innocence and not having any idea of what ‘malice’ is. So there is nothing on our end but humor. Thank goodness! 🙂 So I’m old. You’ve shrunk. Good thing we have these little ones to keep us clued in.

  11. lexiesnana says:

    I remember asking my grandma why she was so fat. She laughed and told me I would find out when I was older.

  12. jmgoyder says:

    Can’t stop laughing!!!

  13. Elisa says:

    i am falling out of my chair with laughing!

  14. 😀 😀 😀 Kids. They don’t miss a thing. Never mind. One of these days, the seven-year-old will be your age. ❤

  15. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Yeah, I want to look your kind of “old” then!

    It will be a funny story to let her know when she has kids one day 🙂

  16. Robin says:

    LOL! There are times when I wish I could act like a 7-year-old (or a 5-year-old such as my youngest granddaughter) and just let words fall out of my mouth without a care (and in case it needs to said, without mean intentions because I’m sure most children that age just state what they think is obvious without intending to hurt anyone’s feelings).

    • Exactly! Unfortunately by the time we get to these later stages of life….if we ‘say’ what we want to say there is the added weight of experience and ‘we should know better’. When what she said was truthful and not meant to hurt. 🙂

  17. Gibber says:

    Oh my goodness priceless! Kids are so real. Of course what she said about you is not true..

  18. Why that sounds like any day at this house LOL! It took a few times of asking my G2 if I was cute and he would pause and say no. Then I told him old looking can be cute so now he seems to accept it – a bit!

  19. niaaeryn says:

    Lotion out here is a necessity, way too dry sometimes, especially in the winter.
    And to be seven again…memories. 🙂

  20. April says:

    Such innocent honesty…thanks for the laugh 😀

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