Raised To Love You

I was born to love you.

No matter what happens.

No matter where you go.

No matter where I go.

No matter who comes in to our lives.

No matter who leaves our lives.

Whether I like what you do.

Whether you like what I do.

Whether we like each other.

Or not.

We’ve called each other names.

Some of them not nice.

There are times we have been close

And times we couldn’t be far enough apart for comfort.

You look like me.

I look nothing like you.

We are similar.

We are nothing alike.

We have sameness.

We couldn’t be more different.

You can’t push me away.

We have let others come between us.

It’s easy to do.

It’s sometimes the hardest thing to do.

But it’s something I will always do.

It’s unconditional that I do

No matter the conditions

Between me and you.

I was raised to love you.