When You Know You’re Good Enough

I saw a name in the obituaries today.   The name?  “Goodenough”.


Living life always knowing you are good enough.  Every day.  It says so.  Just saying your name says so.  Who am I?  I’m Goodenough.  That’s who I am.

There’s joy in that.

Maybe we should all give ourselves names that constantly remind us we are good enough.

Loved enough.

Valued enough.

Important enough.

That’s who we are.

43 thoughts on “When You Know You’re Good Enough

  1. It’s funny. That name can be taken in two ways. In one instance, ‘I’m good enough for anything!!’ (which is terrific) or ‘Oh, just leave it. It’s good enough.” (implying mediocrity). Oh well, let’s just go with the first. Leave it to me to find the down side of everything!!


  2. This post is incredible, in its roots, the newspaper obituary and your original whole concept you are sharing with us. Your words are gifts, Colleen.

    Do you remember when I posted about a culture awhile back, that the women would pray or chant/meditate about the upcoming birth of a baby? The baby’s name would become part of a song, which every special event they experienced throughout their lives, all the way up till they died would have the townspeople (tribe) chant their ‘song.’
    Your poetic and meaningful message here is powerful, Colleen. If only we all believed in ourselves, maybe having us decide from this day forward we are all one of your suggestions.
    I embrace, I am “Well Made.”


  3. Your point is well taken, Colleen. But I think I agree with Marissa in that many people would have taken that name with the silent “just’ in front of it. The other thought that went through my head is that I bet they actually pronounced it Good-ee-now to skip the connotation altogether. I think I knew some of those in my past and that’s how they said their name.


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