How many of us have that imperfect person in our life?

That person who never gets it quite right?

They don’t quite know how to do what ever it is that needs done.  But by golly they are the first person to show up to help you get it done.

They don’t know how to cook well but they love to have you over, they burn the meat and the noodles are chewy. And you aren’t quite sure what kind of fruit is in that fruit pie.  But they spent hours making it just for you.  And you look forward to it every time.

And when you’re sad and need something said all they manage to say through their sobs over and over again is they wish they knew what to say to help.

When you’re gathered for fun and everyone is retelling stories and jokes they never quite manage to get the punchline, or the memory right.  But the laughter is as genuine in the memory because it was shared, and it’s an ongoing joke in the forgetting of it.

They don’t seem the most graceful.

Or have the answers to most problems.

But they are nearly  perfect in their imperfection.

Because when you see them-

You envision the role in your life they fill.  Your heart expands at the sight of them.  The thought of them.  The time spent with them.  No matter what needs done you manage to get it done together.  No matter what needs gotten through, you manage to get through it together.  No matter what tears need shed, they are softened by the laughters shared.

The only thing that they have to do to get it right-

Is exist with you.