The Dance Of Co-Existence

If you are angry, or hate, all I ask is that you explain it.

The way to understanding is to talk.

I’ll listen.  And do my best to learn.

I may not understand.  But I’ll listen.  I’ll sit with you.  Listen to what you have to say.  I’ll ask questions.  I’ll explain if what you say to me doesn’t make sense.  I mean, we do have different perspectives.  So let’s get them both out there.  And sometimes I need things explained in more than one way.  So I’ll respect you by asking to explain if I don’t get it.  You, you listen to what I say.  Then you tell me why don’t agree with me and why I don’t get it.  Why I still don’t get it.  Me, I’ll listen again.  Probably run my hand through my spiky hair.  Trying. Trying to hear, to listen.  I’ll acknowledge to you that I don’t understand, if I don’t.  That I can’t get it.  But I’ll keep listening.  And keep responding.

You, and I, as long as we keep doing this, are talking.  And trying.  And the whole time we are in this process I may be begging internally, maybe even vocalizing, please don’t hate me because I don’t understand.  Or don’t agree.  And if we keep talking maybe I’ll get brave enough, or you’ll get brave enough, and we’ll beg each other-please don’t hurt me/us because we don’t believe the same thing, agree on the same thing, think the same way, praise the same way or live the same way.

As long as we are talking, and listening, and existing together in a dance of trying to understand we are far too busy to harm one another.  I prefer the dance to the battle.

And along the way-maybe we’ll get to know one another.  Maybe we will never agree.  Maybe will never fully understand.  Perhaps, we will come to a new appreciation of differences, and learn to be okay with our differences.  And learn that our differences can exist without being a threat to each other.

And we will have discovered-we have no desire to hate someone or be angry with someone so willing to show each other such respect.

In the process of listening and learning.

And trying to understand one another.