The Things That Matter Always Do

There are things that matter no matter what time of year it is.  I know this time of year brings out more hope.  More expectation.   More anticipation.

And the possibility of miracles.

What really matters and what I hope for most, I hope for always.


That all lost sons and daughters return to the parent and know they are loved.  That there are things to be forgiven, and things to ask to be forgiven for.  Forgiveness waits for many.  It just doesn’t know how to be found.

That all brothers and sisters know their love for one another has no boundary.   No limit.  Nothing but hope for being whole, as a family, forever.

That all mothers and fathers know the love their child has for them.  If anyone is forgiving and unconditional with their love it is the children.

For all friends to know when to reach out and offer a hand.  Or when to hold back and wait to be asked.   For all friends to know how difficult it  is to be the one reaching out for help, or the one reaching out to help.  That help given, or help received, is done with love.

That all broken or bruised hearts heal with the power of love from everyone around them.

For all pains to be handled with the grace and healing of peace and whatever the medicine needed – to heal.

For what cannot be healed to be accepted with courage and dignity, or humor, or battle ready determination.

I believe in miracles.  I believe the feelings we all have all year round are felt more  powerfully at this time of year for a reason. Because we allow it to be so.  We give ourselves permission to be more accepting, more open, to believing.  In our hearts, when we believe, when we have faith….we know that the feeling we seem to be able to  physically touch is more than the gift giving and the parties.   It’s the foundation of love.  It’s the foundation of our reality.   It’s the truth of love between me, and you, and hope for all of us.   It is palpable, it is intense, it is real.

I believe in this.

I believe in the miracle of love.

I believe in the miracle of faith.

I hope and pray that for everyone who is lost, or broken, or hurting-to feel the love.   To know the miracle.

And find the faith.  The faith you need.  In yourself.  In another.  In a higher power.

And for everyone waiting….I hope and pray for our strength to fortify our hope.

I hope for this always.

These things matter.