I am mediocre at best in most things I do in life.

As a child I was a middle.  I couldn’t even manage to be first or last.  Just right there in the middle.  Sure I can’t take credit or blame for being birthed in the middle.  But that’s kind of a kick start to mediocre.  Eh?

All through those growing up years I managed to pull off dull by getting grades in school enough to pass.  Not good enough to be stellar and not bad enough to get in trouble.

I excelled at ordinary all through high school.  There were no sports teams clamoring for me or scholastic needs not being met because of me.  I filled my spot.  I did an okay job of it.

I did kick it up a notch in college.  And I stepped out of my comfort zone to try arm wrestling, martial arts, biking, kayaking and a few other physical challenges.  Loved them all.  Still love being physical.  But I didn’t make the big leagues in any of them.  Didn’t really try.  Didn’t really have the skills.

I further pushed my mediocre limits by starting a blog.  Trying to draw.  I even bought water colors.  I play with saws and such making objects of wood.  No, you won’t see any of these things in any galleries.  Or hanging on anyone’s fridge.  Not even mine.

Though these things in life I do only mediocre, and marginally mediocre at that,  I manage to do life exceptionally well.  Because I love doing it.  Every single thing I try – I try with the excitement of creating and experiencing and existing.

I may not set flame to the world with my thoughts, my words, or my own existence.

That’s not my role in life.

I exist to be excited by the world.

I am fueled by the exceptional that exists around me.  I breathe it.  I live it.  I love it.  I cherish it.  I tingle with the excitement of the music and the brilliance of the perfectly captured thought in another’s word and prose.  I thrive on the pulse of the academic, the exceptional physical feat, the undefeatable spirit.  Give me a view from a mountain top that I can’t capture with paint, or photography, or express in word-and I am  at that moment more than I ever thought I could be.  By what I feel inside.

I am inspired by the world to try.  To experience.  To push myself to do something I otherwise may not have tried.

I may be mediocre in ability.

But I am exceptional at thriving on the experience.

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43 thoughts on “Mediocrity

  1. ‘Meet in the middle’ … that’s the best place to be … to see, share, hear, do everything. I think that only makes you a more exceptional person … you can inspire others by … what you feel, think, do. ❤ What 'you' say, think, do …. means the world to others.


  2. Your humility and heart shine very brightly to us out here. ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Thank you Paulette. I know my realities. And my realities sure do let me do and try an awful lot. I’m so inspired by so many different things. I’m intrigued and in awe and in fun of so much. I thank the world for that. 🙂


  3. I’ve always felt the same; Mediocre is my middle name. 🙂

    “I exist to be excited by the world.”
    This, I love.


    • I really don’t mind being mediocre. I keep trying so many different things. I haven’t pigeon holed myself in to thinking I can’t do something because I’m fabulous at “one” thing. 😉 Thank you for loving this. 🙂

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  4. Victo Dolore says:

    You are hardly mediocre. 🙂


  5. NotAPunkRocker says:

    You are exceptional where it counts most: family, friends, compassion, appreciation, love and humor.


  6. I wouldn’t call it mediocrity in your case, Colleen; I’d call it contentment.


  7. Jean says:

    Well you certainly are not mediocre now! I so look forward to your writing and drawing. By the way, do you sells u of your drawings?


  8. mewhoami says:

    I wouldn’t say that you are mediocre. Far from it actually. I love this – “I exist to be excited by the world.” There is so much excitement to be enjoyed and seen here.


    • ISn’t there???? I get so excited by the simplest things. I cry at commercials. I see someone making something and I want to make it. I see someone trying something and I want to try it. I see a fantastic place and I want to see it. I hear a wonderful song and I want to hear more. It’s chock full all right. 🙂


  9. This is great!! Love it.


  10. Mustang.Koji says:

    In case you can’t heat the sirens, you set the blogging world on fire. 🙂


  11. April says:

    Your efforts are more than mediocre. You have a lot to be proud of–embrace it.


  12. markbialczak says:

    You are top 1 percent in friendship, communication skills and compassion. That’s a clean sweep, the Triple Crown, the Red Hot You’re Cool Award Winner. Plus, Colleen, you’ve been Freshly Pressed twice, right?


    • Thank you Mark. I love all of the things I try. I love my realism and embrace it joyfully. I also embrace my excitement about the things in life I try and have no skill at. I scoff at my no skills. 😉 But I also embrace the absolute exceptional friendships and relationships in my life. The love and quality of people I’ve been blessed with. Absolutely nothing mediocre about that. 🙂 Thank you for being in my circle friend.

      (FP=one time. Which put me over the moon. But thanks for thinking it was twice. THAT made me feel amazing.)


  13. jmgoyder says:

    I found a quote and it made me think of you: “Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles” Edwin Louis Cole. xxx


  14. Though these things in life I do only mediocre, and marginally mediocre at that,

    Now this is funny self deprecating humor. If we can do that we are top of the class.


  15. niaaeryn says:

    I would not call your writing or storytelling mediocre. It is fascinating and often gets me thinking. Also, love the embracing life and humor of it all. 🙂 As a middle child as well, I always felt the rebel a bit.


  16. dogear6 says:

    Wow, did this ever resonate with me! I didn’t call it mediocrity, but rather “enough to get by”. But like you, I’ve had fun and lived my life fully, which is more than a lot of “more perfect” people around me get to experience. Once again, you dragged a truth out into the harsh cold light and it was good.



    • Thank you Nancy. 🙂 There may have been a time when I wouldn’t have wanted to “admit” to this. But why not? I’m not greatly skilled at many of the things I try. But I think I am greatly skilled at loving to try. 🙂 And that is the joy of life for me. That truth is nothing to feel bad about at all. As a matter of fact it brings about quite a few laughs between me and my husband. And a few others. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Gibber says:

    You’re also an exceptional friend, I love your photography and art. Did I hear you type the word “eh?” Am I rubbing off on you?!


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