Born This Day

I believe that over 2000 years ago a baby was born.  I celebrate the birth of this Child.  A baby born to a virgin, who will grow in to a young man.  A man who is the son of God.

I believe this.

I believe He is the Prince of Peace.

I believe He lived and died for me and for everyone.

I believe I will never be as good as He.

I believe in His goodness for everyone.  Even for those who do not share my belief.

I believe that on this day I celebrate His birth, that I celebrate the rebirth of hope,  each year.  That the strength of love and gentleness and kindness we begin to show one another, magically, may last all year long.

I believe it can happen.

I believe in the image of the Christ Babe in his mother’s arms.  Fresh.  Sweet.  Innocent.  Loved.  Oh so loved.  And the fears and hopes and dreams she had for her child.

I believe in the love of His Mother.

I believe in the love of His Father.

I believe in the love of,  and for,  this Baby Born This Day.