In A Day

In a day my life changed.

In a day I went from ignorance to knowledge.

In a day I went from existing to living.

In a day I learned the difference between love, hate and apathy.

In a day I woke up single and went to sleep at night married.

In a day I woke up childless and went to sleep as a mother.

In a day I woke up married and went to sleep single.

In a day I went from knowing fear to not letting fear stop me.

In a day I went from having religion to knowing faith.

In a day I woke up with no motivation and went to sleep burning with energy to change.

In a day I went from victim to victorious.

In a day I went from doing what I did to doing what I could.

In a day I went from not knowing I could to not accepting I could not.

In a day I went from being told I could not to knocking down any could not standing in my way.

In a day I went from sitting to riding three miles.

In a day I went from three miles to ten miles.

In a day I went one hundred miles.

In a day I discovered I could go as far as I want to go.

In a day I went from never understanding loss to becoming fatherless.

In one day I learned that I decide who I am regardless of what others think me to be.

In a day I learned my faults do not have to be my downfalls but can be my humility and my grace.

In one day I realized I was stronger than I ever knew and yet not nearly as strong as I will some day be.

In a day I went from beating myself up to giving myself a break.

In one day I discovered who I was is driving me to who I will be.

In a day, this day, my life will change.


48 thoughts on “In A Day

  1. I so enjoyed reading this…had to read it twice. The one line that jumped out at me was *In a day I went from victim to victorious*. It’s kind of odd how I can relate this to my own struggles, which was the first time I realized that I was continuing to keep myself a victim. Hmmmm…thanks for the new thoughts. 🙂


    • You’re welcome April. I was just talking to a friend today about how I keep myself where I am mentally and physically. Even recognizing what I do, I continue to do “it”. When I don’t want to! Steps. Change happens in steps! 🙂 Let’s do this!


  2. I didn’t see this until I wrote the post I did today about remembering events and anniversaries. I am glad I saw this after, it helps with moving forward 🙂 ❤


  3. This is the one, Colleen. It says it all about you. Congratulations, my friend. You have your guiding principle. Thank you for sharing it in its glorious simplicity and wonderful complexity.


        • I absolutely believe you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written something and it has correlated or corresponded with something someone else had written. WE of many words often share some thoughts I think. 😉 I’ve got my next three days already scheduled to post and realized they kind of connect to one another. In one way or another. We’re cosmically connected Mark. 🙂


  4. This was amazing how you really made this point clear, Colleen! A day in the life of someone can do all of this and more! I had so many similar days as you, I felt an eerie feeling. Married, divorced, childless, then child full… so amazing. Glad we are connected because you got me thinking of this very important message, a day can change your life. (I felt this could also tell someone who is depressed: wait just one more day! Then, I thought of that song, “Hang on for one more day…”)


  5. No wonder we worry about our tomorrows when we see what can happen in a day. Great post Colleen it filled me with ideas, memories and wonderings.


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