Dear Megan At AT&T,

Please understand something, I am not a complete idiot.  I may be somewhat intellectually challenged.  I’ll give you that.

But I do understand a few basic things about dollars and pennies.

When you tell me that I will actually save money in the long run by spending more money every month, forever, I want you to know that I am not quite buying it.  I know that you thought if you said it often enough, five times, I would believe it.


I’m not.

I’m fairly certain that I understand that right now I pay “X” amount of money a month.  And if I now add thirty dollars a month to my “X” amount I will, in essence,  not be saving money.

Do you see how that works?

Adding money being spent out for the exact same thing I am already getting (phone service) is not saving money.

I should probably repeat that again, and again.


One Very Unhappy Customer Who Is Not A Total Idiot

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46 thoughts on “Dear Megan At AT&T,

  1. dogear6 says:

    I hate dealing with all of them. We’re doing better with Verizon for now, but better is a relative term. The alternatives are worse. And yes, they do think we’re all stupid.


    • christina debi author says:

      Oh how wonderful to read something about marketing that is fresh, honest, clear and straight to the point. I haven’t dealt with that particular company but it’s a generally used term in marketing. Your writing highlights every thought I ever had about dishonest selling techniques. That line ‘you’ll save money’ has been used and re-used in selling for far too long.. as well as the idea that the customer is ‘stupid’. We will only be stupid if we continue to deal with them.

      • That’s what I kept trying to say to her. It wasn’t an aggressive conversation at all. On either end. I was asking questions, I was telling her I didn’t understand the “changes” and she kept repeating “in the long run this will save you money” and “yes, by paying this much more a month it will save you money”. I was saying “but that doesn’t make any sense”. ANd she just kept repeating it. Like the repeat was the explanation. Then she just hung up on me!!!!

    • We are contemplating changing. I wish for an honest company. Here is our service. Here is our price. No twisty and ridiculous postings that only apply if you are standing on one foot on the sixth Tuesday of every other month.

  2. Wait, I don’t get it…so if you add $30 to your bill you WON’T be saving money??

  3. Kentucky Angel says:

    Oh my goodness, and here I always thought that by going to sales and buying things I don’t need I was saving so much money, and by paying more for my phone each month, I was saving so much more. Gee, I feel so silly.

    • Right? Well, maybe I am the one who is being silly. Maybe I need to start spending more money and that way I will be able to save it. I’ll give it a try. With a different company maybe.

  4. This is so funny! Especially because I had the same conversation with Century Link very recently. Did you realize that if you buy the services of Direct TV that they will tell you it costs one price but when you join their services, they will charge you a much higher price and then deny they said it??? I’m waiting for that damn contract to expire so I can EXPIRE them!

    • Oh yes, I DO REALIZE this one as well. Which is why we do NOT have Direct TV any longer either. 🙂

      Damn them all! 🙂

      • LOL! I may be the same as you next September! -No TV-

        • I’m starting to think we’re all better off without !

          • I know we are all better without it. When I was young there weren’t that many tv shows and usually the grown-ups were watching what they wanted. All of us kids around the block played outside, climbing trees, riding our bikes, playing kick the can, and other fun things. I hardly ever see kids playing outside anymore. (I also don’t remember ever seeing even one overweight child). Now with the internet, iPads, cell phones, etc., makes the problem even worse). But the world in general are really becoming “Health” conscience so maybe it will work itself out.

            • I love it when I see kids out playing. I don’t see them like when I was a kid either. But I do see them. “Play”, where imagination is used to to create our play was the best play there was. 🙂

              • Yes, that is true! Imagination is the key to creative play. Play teaches about ourselves, others, develops our social dynamics, and many other things. I remember having so much fun with a friend of mine simply by playing with paper dolls.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “splain that to me again Megan!

  6. markbialczak says:

    Wait until you get the newest phone after two years with the old phone and then they jack you up $30 more per month per phone. Same plan, minutes, blah blah blah.

    • That’s where we’re heading. 😦 But at least I understand that it will NOT BE SAVING ME MONEY!!!!!

      • markbialczak says:

        Let me guess. Generation Next choice vs. same plan with new phones vs. both are more than I was spending.

        • Exactly. Even though before we started out we called to make sure what our options were, we were told what we could do, we made SURE to understand what we were told. We went to the store, and picked out our phone. The store called to make the changes and WHOAH!!!! Hold up. AT&T said no, you can NOT do that even though we JUST told you that yes you could. AND they had it documented that they told us that. 🙂 How great is that? 🙂

          • markbialczak says:

            Makes me want to go back to the charge-by-the-minute phone. But I can’t because of the photos and WiFi and such. Their little pricing games are something else, Colleen.

            • They are constantly trying to find a way to make customers believe they are getting a better deal by paying more for a different kind of or a new and improved kind of plan. We aren’t stupid. I wish they would understand that when our bill goes up but our service stays the same, we understand they are making more money. Because we are paying more money. Yes, it’s our choice to continue to pay or not, but please stop with the mumbo talking thinking we don’t see it. It’s so frustrating. Just say what it is.

  7. I see Century Link is not the only telecommunications enterprise that employs the intellectually challenged. Must be a new hiring criteria. I feel your frustration.

  8. Mustang.Koji says:

    Look at Ting or Consumer Cellular…

  9. msampson999 says:

    Sounds like Time Warner & AT&T are best friends.

  10. niaaeryn says:

    I have heard of this company, and this is in line with what I have heard. I hope Megan reads this, or her boss. Seriously, that is…why I hate customer service many a time.

  11. I bet they all talk to each other and read the same manual. Seriously. They must think that we don’t understand much, when they repeat over and over again, in your case – five times, that you will be saving by adding more. Sounds like they need a math lesson. So frustrating. Lovely letter.

    • Thank you . I swear someone tells them during their training that if they repeat it often enough people will believe it. Just be honest and say “look lady all the plans have changed, it will never be anything but MORE expensive for ever and ever”. But don’t try and convince me I’m stupid. 🙂

  12. U fortunately I think they are trained to think we are all monkeys. Love the honesty 😀

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