Emotional Perception

I’m not technically savvy.

Or brilliantly inclined.

I struggle with witticisms,

And the smaller points of chat.

But I grasp fully

The depth of emotion

And momentous awareness.

Emotional perception

Is my pursuit.

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24 thoughts on “Emotional Perception

  1. You grasp and pursue the most meaningful of all, Colleen. The rest are simply supporting cast. Stay your course, as you are on a noble one!


  2. dogear6 says:

    It’s your pursuit and also your gift to the world. We all bring different things to the table and they contribute different things to those around us.


  3. Yes, I can see that Colleen! I think that is the most important anyway, the most genuine!


  4. Red says:

    And a meaningful, worthwhile pursuit it is.


  5. Agrees with all of the above ..not very original I know, but that’s what it is πŸ˜€


  6. inmycorner says:

    Totally agree – ain’t nothing like understanding emotion. It is so much more valuable than IQ – numbers on a page. To understand someone is almost to belong to the divine. It is such a gift. Mostly – I think – we marginalize ourselves along emotion, almost afraid of it. But to dive in and suck its marrow is to really live! (Almost a gross image – sorry – but it is powerful)


    • It is powerful. I don’t know for sure that I always understand other’s emotions. But I feel (no pun intended) like I am hit hardest by the emotion of a situation than I am able to think through things. If that makes sense. The power of how something must feel really gets to me.


  7. May New Year have bright new beginnings for you and safety.


  8. Running deep, is understanding–and being in touch with emotions. No doubt you have a deep and huge heart and soul. The other stuff, smaller points of chat, is icing and fluff. ❀


    • I find myself, the older I get, to not want any icing and fluff. I want to talk less but say more. And though I want to be more quiet, when I am, people ask what is wrong. Nothing is wrong, I’m just not comfortable speaking. But I am very much there.


  9. April says:

    I often get hung up on making the proper comment on a post. Sometimes I can’t express how what I read touched me. If I gush all the time, then I fear the author thinks I’m a stalker or some sort of thing. πŸ˜€ However, what you say is perfect and full of emotion. Some of your posts with the least amount of words have had the most impact on me. Accepting who we are is the key…a huge lesson I’ve learned over the past couple of years.


    • You are super kind April. I do wonder a lot about what I’m saying, I trip over myself as well. Especially if I’m tired or in a rush. I wouldn’t consider kind words from someone as stalkerish. πŸ™‚ I don’t think I would any way!!!!!!


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