Ohio State Buckeyes Going To The Super Bowl!

I went to the hospital today.  I had a meeting with some medical professionals.  While waiting for a doctor to join us I spent time discussing football.

American football, to clarify for the European world at large.

College football is serious thing here.  People get behind their teams.  Houses, cars, yards, and even babies are decorated and even named after teams and players.  Lives are lived around games.   Celebrations last for a week, up until the kickoff of the next week’s game.  Foul moods last after a loss,  until the next win.

The following discussion may not make sense to anyone who doesn’t have a general understanding of college football in America.

As everyone in the Big Ten knows Ohio State won  last night.  There’s a certain amount of joy and take that being expressed joyfully to nay sayers country wide today.

But last night, before the game, one of the nurses I met with told me this story:

My nurse:   I had to call my charge nurse last night.  And she was getting ready for the game.  So I asked her if this was a big game.   She told me it was.  I asked her why.

Charge nurse:  if we win, we win the Sugar Bowl.

My nurse:  oh, so if we win, is it over for the season?

Charge nurse:  no!  We play again!

My nurse:  oh, then do we go to the Super Bowl?

We clarified that though she admittedly knows nothing about sports, and self proclaimed ignorance to anything sports related, she is brilliant at medical knowledge.


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45 thoughts on “Ohio State Buckeyes Going To The Super Bowl!

  1. sourgirlohio says:

    Someone already said it, but yeah, go Bucks!

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  2. Victo Dolore says:

    I joined a fantasy football league in residency just so I would have something to talk about with the male docs in my program every fall. Sheer dumb luck that I did not end up in last place. The guy behind me who was, though….


  3. The charge nurse sounds like an employment candidate for an unnamed telecomm company. 🙂 Oh… and we PAC-12 fans don’t care who comes to the field. Oregon has this ‘Super Bowl’ covered. 🙂


    • Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, we shall see dear Eric! 😉

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      • Ducks and Bucks. Sounds a bit like Surf & Turf. 🙂 May the best team on that day take home the trophy!

        And I agree, the only Bowl Game that for decades mattered was the Rose Bowl – the granddaddy of them all.


        • I loved that tradition. It all made so much sense back then.

          Now I get lost in the confusion of it all. So I just let everyone tell me what is going on. I know a win is good, a loss is bad. And still winning when other’s aren’t playing is the best. 😉

          Here’s to both teams for the work they put in to getting where they are. They deserve it!!!!

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  4. NotAPunkRocker says:

    It’s the Super Bowl of the NCAA, right? 😉

    Are y’all doing the horribly goofy sugar bowl joke yet about your “enemy” yet?


  5. Colleen, I’m sorry but you lost me at this line:

    The following discussion may not make sense to anyone who doesn’t have a general understanding of college football in America.

    I did try though…


  6. grandmalin says:

    My daughter once guessed that Russia would win the Stanley Cup. Sigh.


  7. LOL! That would have been me (almost) because I DO know what the Sugar Bowl is. 😀


  8. Ha ha.
    Happy New Year, Colleen.
    Can’t be good at everything. I don’t know about sports either.


  9. Kentucky Angel says:

    You’ve probably seen my opinion to sports on Mark’s blog, so I won’t add to my lack of knowledge here. I have heard of the Sugar Bowl though, and my daughter and son-in-love both got their masters, and in his case, PhD at Ohio State, before coming back to UK (GO CATS) (and that’s the extent of my sports knowledge) where they belong. Daughter got 2 Masters, and when her bro asked her if she was going to call hubby Dr. she immediately said, yes, as long as he calls me Master. That’s my kid!

    Happy New Year Colleen.


  10. niaaeryn says:

    I hope the medical stuff is going ok.

    I do not follow/understand the whole bowls thing, other than the Super Bowl, yet I understand that is a big thing. Huzzah to Ohio! Feom what a student explained college bowls also equal a good deal of money for the colleges going. Huzzah to Ohio again! Wishing yourself well and the Bucks too 🙂


  11. Nope you’re right I don’t understand 😊 hope you’re ok though?


  12. April says:

    I have a hard time following college football. Now…the NFL yes! If I can’t remember a stat, or which team is ranked first or last, our youngest will sure know. 🙂 Happy days for Ohio!


  13. Gibber says:

    The hospital? Are you okay?


  14. Mustang.Koji says:

    You can have “our” team – the Trojans. You can find most of them on parole or behind bars.


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