What Did You Say?

You think words aren’t tangible?

Say something you wish you had never said.

Hear something you wish you had never heard.

Wait for words that are never uttered.

Words build walls-that’s solid.

Words create hate.

Words leave holes-that’s destructive.

That’s real.

As real as something to hold.

Like words said

That changed your life.

Gave you hope.

Gave you direction.

Gave you courage.

Inspired you.

Comforted you.

Helped you find your strength.

Try putting down, letting go, or walking away

Without carrying any of these words you’ve given or received in life.

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42 thoughts on “What Did You Say?

  1. So true. Words create reality, good and bad. They also create brain chemistry and feelings. They aren’t just no meaning utterances from our mouths. Excellent post, Colleen.


    • Thank you Paulette. I have struggled with this post for a long time. Months actually. Trying to get it out there. Words are as real a thing to hold on to as a fifty pound weight, or a wall we build, or anything tangible we may actually be able to hold on to.


  2. Wise words, Colleen. Words don’t come with an eraser.


  3. This is so true. I am trying to learn to finish the journey of my life without all that “damn” baggage. πŸ™‚ And, arent we all…. :c


  4. The pen is mightier than the sword.


  5. Kentucky Angel says:

    The worst part about words Colleen, is that once they are out there, it’s too late to take them back. And oh, how many times I have regretted speaking before my brain is working.


  6. tric says:

    I grew up with a sister who could cut me like a knife. It made me sliow to speak in anger. I think she unwittingly taught me to write.


    • I’m impressed that you taught yourself to be slow to speak in anger. Many (I should say “me”) would learn to speak fast and without thinking to get the verbal punches in. Your way is much wiser.


  7. One of my favorite quotes: β€œOne of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter.” ~ James Earl Jones


  8. dogear6 says:

    I’m reading a book right now, The Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus. It’s about creativity and the need to express our lives. The section I’m in is how we keep listening to the old scripts of what others told us and by doing so, we diminish our lives. To be free, to be creative, we need to write our own scripts and live them. Your post succinctly describes the same thing.

    Ya’ did good.



    • Thank you Nancy. Without knowing it I think I am looking for this kind of wisdom. When I read your comment it was like it was meant for me to get that one sentence. I do listen to “old scripts” and I do let them diminish my abilities and so much more. You got me with this one Nancy. Wow. YOU did good. πŸ™‚

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      • dogear6 says:

        Don’t you think that’s why we write though? To figure out what our brain is trying to tell us. I know I don’t always get it the first time. Either someone (like you) leaves a comment that clarifies my thinking or I look at it later and have an ah-ha moment. Much later sometimes.


        • Oh yes, definitely part of why we write. (As I speak for all of us) πŸ˜‰

          And yes, I love it when I write something, thinking it makes such sense to me, and then someone (like you) makes a comment and says it so clearly that it stuns me. That is exactly what I was searching for! I love this process Nancy!

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  9. It’s so true that we can’t take back the words we’ve said in haste or “unhear” the words others may have said that have hurt, but I want to learn from those times and do so much better. Words are indeed real–and powerful! So well said, Colleen.


    • Good point Debra. I have stopped myself, on occasion, because of learning from previous incidents where I’ve spoken too soon without thinking. But I’ve spent an awful lot of time rethinking things I’ve said that I wish I had not….maybe even more than those I said them to.


  10. Nothing more I can add, apart from I do like your thinking. 😊


  11. Words, so powerful, that they can get in the way sometimes. To be used wisely.


  12. reocochran says:

    I think we need to be careful in the words we choose.This is a valuable reminder, Colleen! Some who have given us great messages, their words ‘ring true’ and stay in our hearts forever, Colleen.


    • I haven’t always been careful. And surely slip up even now. But I am much quicker to own my flubs and apologize and take responsibility. But I would prefer to think more, speak less, be more careful.


  13. niaaeryn says:

    Well said and written πŸ™‚


  14. The Heretic says:

    Some of those rather strange 60’s and 70’s avant garde can fill you with dread sometimes. It will always be an experience you can never un-hear. Because nothing causes one to panic when you hear someone say “Hey! Would you check out my progressive EDM techno polka project?”. When I used to do music reviews for an online publication my heart would fill with dread when reading the genre descriptions on some of the bands bios.


  15. Mustang.Koji says:

    Words are indeed a two-bladed sword. Too bad one side can’t be duller than the other.


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