But I Love Him

He isn’t perfect.  But I love him.

He makes me angry.  Quite literally pisses me off.  But I love him.

He has what the politically correct call “issues”.  But we know what it is.  You can pretty up the words.  Not the problem.  But I love him.

I can’t protect him from himself no matter how much I want to.  But I want to.

He makes very poor decisions.  But I love him.

He breaks my heart.  But I love him.

I want to turn my back but don’t think I can.  Because I love him.

I am scared of what I don’t know.  But I’m not scared of loving him.

There’s no way I have any control and it spins relentlessly out of my grasp.  And I still can’t stop loving.

There’s no explaining it, and maybe no need to, it’s unconditional.  That I love him.

Being unconditional doesn’t make it easy.  And doesn’t make it clear on what to do.  Loving someone can actually make things quite confusing.

I know what needs done but I’m not the one that can do it.  And I can’t love him enough to make it happen.  And that makes love kind of cruel. But I can’t not love him.

Whether you understand it or not.  I love him.

Whether he understands it or not.  I love him.