I Have Become The Shield

To the child

Who feared to speak

I will now shout.

To the child

Who feared to try

I try try and try again.

To the child

Who felt so unbrave

I applaud your courage to exist-

And grow!!

To the child

Who hid from life

I have found it and rejoice in it!

To the child

 Who did not know what to do

I have learned to search and ask until I know.

To the child

Who did not believe in self

I have discovered value, worth, and power.

To the uncertain child

I have learned that there is no shame in uncertainty, in faltering, or in falling.

So I learned to continue on.

To the child who was-

Part of you still remains


I thank you

For all that you brought me through.

All that you brought me to.

I will shield you.

Forever .

I do not hide behind a shield in fear-

I stand before my fears holding a shield of courage.



34 thoughts on “I Have Become The Shield

  1. Oh Yes, Colleen! You have a part of your own child inside you. Along with how you are the one who will keep an eye out for those children who need protecting and their voices heard!


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