All Grown Up Like

I sat in a room today listening to someone talk about the success of another person. I listened well. And knew what was coming. What I didn’t expect, was my reaction.

The success of the other person, though possibly well received on many levels, came at the expense and unexpected hardships to many others. Myself included. Though I was peripherally impacted. The person speaking was not aware of this.

I sat and listened.

Like a grown up.

I didn’t get hot under the collar. I didn’t express hurt feelings and try to change anyone’s opinion.

I didn’t do anything but listen and smile.

What the person said had value.

It doesn’t change what happened. It doesn’t change the impact on my life or the others that were impacted. It doesn’t change the perspective or point of view from this side.

It doesn’t take the shock or the upheaval away.

But that’s okay.

It did, however, do one thing.

It showed me that on occasion I can act like a grown up. I was so very pleased with that alone. That even while I sat there and listened I was asking myself who are you?????

Maturity, I can call on it when I need it.

It just should not be expected at all times.