All Grown Up Like

I sat in a room today listening to someone talk about the success of another person. I listened well. And knew what was coming. What I didn’t expect, was my reaction.

The success of the other person, though possibly well received on many levels, came at the expense and unexpected hardships to many others. Myself included. Though I was peripherally impacted. The person speaking was not aware of this.

I sat and listened.

Like a grown up.

I didn’t get hot under the collar. I didn’t express hurt feelings and try to change anyone’s opinion.

I didn’t do anything but listen and smile.

What the person said had value.

It doesn’t change what happened. It doesn’t change the impact on my life or the others that were impacted. It doesn’t change the perspective or point of view from this side.

It doesn’t take the shock or the upheaval away.

But that’s okay.

It did, however, do one thing.

It showed me that on occasion I can act like a grown up. I was so very pleased with that alone. That even while I sat there and listened I was asking myself who are you?????

Maturity, I can call on it when I need it.

It just should not be expected at all times.

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55 thoughts on “All Grown Up Like

  1. bikebrown says:

    Some people can only make themselves look better by downgrading others. Great self control.


    • I think I may have miscommunication this. The person speaking was not speaking rudely or inappropriately, they were speaking highly of someone else’s actions. The speaker was not aware of the fallout of that person’s actions. I hope that makes sense.


  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    The high road is a rocky one sometimes, but it is closer to where you want to be too. ((Hugs))


  3. I’m proud of you Colleen! Only wish I could be so much myself sometimes…or any of the time…


  4. Wow Colleen! I, for one, am so very proud of you! ❀
    Diana xo


  5. It takes extra strength, and yes, maturity, to keep your peace. Good one. ❀ ❀ ❀


  6. As a teacher I had a principal that screamed at me for every sensible suggestion for this or that calling me a disloyal trouble maker. Then she did every thing I said and claimed credit. The best we can do is keep our distance. That kind of person eventually self destructs.


    • So true Carl. Fortunately the person speaking today wasn’t even aware of what had transpired from my end so it wasn’t necessary to put him in the middle of something or make him uncomfortable about what he was saying. I just accepted what he was saying as what he knew from another source.


  7. Red says:

    It is laudable each time we realize even painful times have good import for others and exercise the humility not to make it about us. Good show, Colleen.


  8. Kentucky Angel says:

    You did well Colleen. The world is full of people like that. It all catches up to them at some time later in life. Proud of you my girl.


    • Thank you K.A. It’s hard for me, this situation. It was very personal when it happened, for more reasons than I care to go in to. But even in saying that, I do recognize that it wasn’t done “to” me. Things were handled poorly, so very poorly, and the impact was so hard hitting. And people were shaken. But, that’s not to say that it was done with the intent to ‘do’ those things. Ah…..some stories I wish were mine to tell. But they aren’t. Just this little part of it. And today, I felt like I showed some respect and dignity and I just felt good about that.


  9. This reminds me so much of the business sector I worked in. People get ahead off the back’s of others. I’m glad you could be mature about it. After all, if you had not that would have put a feather in the cap of the offending person. (Ooops, sorry, cliche’) It’s a difficult position to be in.


    • It certainly is a difficult position. What was done was not as difficult to swallow as the personal let down and disappointment afterwards. The loss of admiration felt for someone for so long. I’m aware these things happen, and it makes me sad. And today, I just didn’t want someone else to have to listen to something that just didn’t need to be put on their shoulders (not that it would have, but I didn’t want to any way).

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      • I understand the way you are feeling. It happens so often in the business sector. People climb their way to the top, sometimes anyway they have to. It comes back to them in the end.


        • I have gone through quite the process with this. I want to be even more grown up about it and just completely let go of it. Try as I might….I’m not there yet. But this, this really surprised me, and is helping.

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          • I’m glad that it has helped for you to talk about it on WP. I’m sure there are a lot of other people that have experienced the same thing. We are all here to help and encourage one another. That means we must be doing our jobs. πŸ˜€ (Hugs!) xo

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  10. russtowne says:

    Your post brought a smile to my face, Colleen. I’ve been on both sides of the acting maturely line, an like you, enjoy when I get it right.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Now that you are grown up, what do you want to be?


  12. Val Boyko says:

    And so wisdom begins πŸ™‚


  13. markbialczak says:

    It makes perfect sense, Colleen. Good job. It is hard to sit still and smile while the little voice inside is saying, “yeah, but, what about me? What about us? If only you knew.” Nice performance by your outer adult., my friend.


  14. Well said and great lesson for me to read. πŸ™‚


  15. Robin says:

    It’s not always easy to be a grown-up, is it? But I know you take lessons from Pooh Bear and I’m betting he’d look at it the same way. πŸ™‚


  16. On occasion, me too.


  17. jmgoyder says:

    I know the feeling so bravo!


  18. April says:

    That moment when we realize we can act like a grown up is pretty freeing. Did the person who was receiving the praise in the room? I wonder, deep down, did that person know their success came at the expense of others?


    • The person who the praise was being spoken about, was not in the room.

      Realizing, in that moment, that I was in control of my emotions and reactions and actions was incredibly satisfying. It is a damn good feeling April. πŸ™‚

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  19. Gibber says:

    What is the maturity thing you speak of?


  20. You have more control than I. x


  21. niaaeryn says:

    Well done you! I do not know if I could have done it…but have found often silence is the wisest course after all and then mumble to myself admonishments that I will remember a wiser and stronger person does not say a thing, just smile and listen.


  22. Mustang.Koji says:

    I find people attain different levels of maturity. I wish at times that maturity levels cloud judgement. At those times, i wish it was indeed fleeting… But alas…


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