Refuse It Breath

Depravity exists in humanity.

Cruelty lives.

Hate grows.

But for each horribleness that is born and inflicted

I believe there is a multiplicity of virtuous acts

Love deeds

Kind outreach

Compassion and comfort extended.

For every attempt to make hate grow,

Good people refuse to allow it breath.

 And though it tries and tries to rise out of ugliness

It is put down repeatedly with benevolence.

And the superiority of love.

40 thoughts on “Refuse It Breath

  1. Those things come naturally from within a genuine spirit and person so yes, they will triumph over the rest. It may be hard to see at first, but it’s there.


  2. When my dad was very sick he wrote a piece on hope in which was the quote ‘even the darkness of the whole world is not enough to put out the light of one small candle’
    I think its apt here.


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