A Different Road

If I was to take a different road, right now, I would take a lane.

Not a high way.

Not a fast track.

I’d take a pleasant lane.

That had cottages and cabins along the way.

People who existed and grew

Right where they are.

The traffic would be minimal.

And mostly by foot.

Or bike.

Or wagon wheel.

Or hooves.

And it would meander.

It wouldn’t shoot straight to the business of business.

It would avoid business.

And be slow enough to encourage life and living.

It would embolden one to whistle.

And stop to sketch.  Or paint.  Or color with crayons.

There would be reason to conceive, generate and make.

 If I was to take a different road

It would be taken to revitalize my spirit

To rouse my adventure

To incite my desire to create

To set afire my passions –

It would be a lane that traveled the paths of my curiosities.

It would not take me.

I would create it.

51 thoughts on “A Different Road

  1. You took me back to walking around the Cotswalds in the UK. Meandering the lanes, listening to nature, away from the helter skelter of ‘modern day’. It also reminds us to take the calmer road and not the hectic. Enjoyed. x


  2. This was extraordinary, Colleen!! Wow, the details allowed me to picture this, I could draw or paint it. So homey and warm, such gentle pace and not too hurried. The calmness seeped into my tired bones and refreshed my soul. A truly magical lane you transported us to, Colleen!


  3. Oh – Pleasant Lane sounds like a great place to travel along! Goes along with your “I’d rather be nice” essay the other day. Traveling the path of my curiosities seems so hard sometimes. It can fail, but when it wins, it really wins.



    • 🙂 I like how you tied this to my other post Nancy, thank you! Our wins are fantastic. Our not so big wins are just steps down the meandering lane to the wonderful little discoveries along the way. That’s my visualization tonight!!! 😉

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  4. I’m back on Highway 81, where I grew up, and then the farm where I raised my kids. Walking thru the woods and worshiping in the natural cathedrals created by God Himself, never touched by man, birds singing hymns of praise, crisp clean air, green grass and leaves on the trees above me, sheltering me from harm. If I had a time machine for a week, I would go back to both of those places, and be a child again, and then a young mom again, then return here and be an old woman again. Thank you Colleen. You just brought me some memories.


    • Oh Kentucky Angel….how did I know that’s where you would be? 🙂 What a beautiful place, and time(s) to go meandering to. You are so welcome, I’m glad I could take you there. 🙂


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