My Ambition

My Ambition

Is the porch.

Where I will sit at day’s end

To review the day.

Where I will be at life’s end

To measure my success.

By the wealth of family and friends,

The volume of discussion and laughter shared,

The amount of stock in my community,

The value I hold in another’s heart,

The savings kept by others of my words and actions.

My ambition is my porch.

cabin porch

The ambition of  wealth.

39 thoughts on “My Ambition

  1. I’m not intending to make fun of your wonderful words, but at first I read…my ambition is on the porch. I probably read it that way because I have been looking for my ambition. Not sure where it went. :/


  2. You are rich indeed! What is the interest rate on that kind of investment, I wonder? The collateral is so much more usable – and currency is universally accepted. I love this post and totally agree with you. You are rich… on the porch.


  3. It appears to me that you know EXACTLY what you are supposed to do! It’s all in black and white in your own handwriting!!!


  4. Oh, this would be so fun to sit on and just ponder. You will need to have some rocking chairs and pillows, too. It would be a great place to retire to and discuss with family and friends. Nature around you, birds and animals being in communion with you, too.


    • My favorite chair on my porch now is the rocking chair of course! 🙂 I love the porch. Always have. IT’s a great place to be, a great place to think about being when you’re away from home. I was sitting on my porch, smack dab in the middle of town with my grandson and deer walked right by us. 🙂


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