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Anyone know what happened to the ability to click on the notifications icon and pull up comments so all comments can be easily accessed on one page and responded to?  Now it just give me a ticker and I can’t pull up the page and respond?

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72 thoughts on “Notifications-Bloggers Only

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    WordPress “improvements”.

  2. [ Smiles ] From my perspective, the change was unnecessary.

    • Thank you Renard, from mine as well. I am going to miss SO many comments with this format. It is cumbersome and not user friendly at all. 😦 I like to reply to every single comment I get (on my blog and when I comment on others).

  3. Kim13 says:

    I totally agree….I want my “old” wordpress back…none of the recent changes have been pleasant.

  4. I didn’t know about the page you were talking about. If I had known, I would miss it too. Maybe they will bring it back.

    • Hi Priceless. On my WP I have my little icons that run along the top, and on the right hand side one icon would light up in an orange color when I have comments/likes or responses from other bloggers to comments I left on their blogs. If I clicked on that icon, it would let me click the word “notification” and a full page would open up taking me to all of my comments from other bloggers on my blog, and in response to my comments on other peoples blogs. A full page running on and on in to infinity of comments. At the top would be the newest. As I scrolled down it goes to the older comments and likes and new follows. Now….I click on it and it gives me a ticker. I can click on “one” comment at a time. Respond or whatever. And then go back to the ticker again. Way too time consuming. And I can’t tell what I’m looking at. AND I can’t tell where the comments are from other bloggers on their blogs if they responded to anything I wrote. It’s like WP decided to not like me anymore. 😦

  5. See if this works for you.I can’t remember how I found this link. I have saved it in my favorites bar and must click on it every time so I can read the notifications.. I hope this helps. I did not have the notification bar either for a while.


  6. I click on the orange star or dialogue box in the upper right corner and you can read the notifications. It doesn’t work as well and is a little fussy. I’ve had the old and then the new and the old again and felt like screaming. This way is NOT as clean. I don’t always know where I left off.

    • Tess, I used the link that PetsPeopleandLife just left me. It worked! At least today it did!!!!! YAY!!!!! I can click on the icon and it gives me that new way, but it doesn’t give me comments from others blogs, etc….and doesn’t tell me near as much info as the ‘old’ way. You’re right, it is NOT as clean. AND it doesn’t tell us where we left off. Perfectly said!

  7. Kentucky Angel says:

    I clicked on that link, and while it didn’t give me the comments from other blogs, it did tell me they had commented Colleen. Not as much information, but when you click on the “new” comment icon, it does stick the new ones in a column on the right so you don’t have to wade through every comment back to where you started blogging to see if any is new. I’ve never seen an improvement yet that actually improves anything for anybody except the pocketbook of the person doing the improvement.

    • The new icon gives me the comments to ‘my’ blog, and the likes on ‘my’ blog. But nothing like the information the old ‘way’ gave me. It’s so time consuming too. The link that was provided in the comments took me right back to my “old way” and that’s how I’m responding now. I spend an incredible amount of time doing this now. I can’t possibly find another couple of hours a day trying to navigate a new system that creates more “work” for something that is supposed to be fun/enjoyable.

  8. I know! Colleen it has been going back and forth between the two versions on my WP for a couple of months. I like the old way better. I’m going to read your comments now to see if anyone has figured it out. ❤
    Diana xo

  9. markbialczak says:

    I still get the whole list, Colleen. Knock on wood. But now I know to come to this post to find how to get the whole list ever goes away!

  10. Gyslaine L. says:

    for my part, the new system works well. I can still see the comments

    • Seems that WP must work differently in different areas Gyslaine. Isn’t that odd? I’m glad it’s working for you. I was truly a bit worried about how to find and keep track of all comments.

      • dogear6 says:

        I can see the comments back from other blogs also, but it’s much more clicking around than before. Also the difference between one that’s read and one that isn’t is whether it’s a bright blue or a dull blue, which is hard to distinguish.

        This improvement is as bad as the “new post” format. They took a fairly straight forward process and COMPLICATED THE SHIT OUT OF IT.

  11. I thought i was the only one who feel this way.

    • I hate to sound like a complainer. But I had a feeling if I put this out there, someone would be able to tell me how to work it. And sure enough….they did! It’s easy enough to go to the last post or two and respond to comments right from the post page. But what about comments that people were sending in on much older posts. And on posts that other bloggers wrote? It really took away a huge convenience. I hope you saw the link that restored the old notification page????

  12. niaaeryn says:

    I use the mobile app most of the time…the new changes have not yet been a problem…but it is early. Glad you found a solution that seems to work for now. Wish I could help on the older comments issue. Maybe notifications will have it as they come?

    • I keep clicking on the ‘new’ way to see if they are adding to it. But it isn’t showing me the comments on others blogs. For example, if I comment on YOUR blog, and you respond to my comment, the old way showed your comment in my notifications, along with comments on my blog. In chronological order. Now, those comments aren’t there. So unless I go back to every single blog I read and comment on, I won’t know if the other blogger responded and if I need to respond in kind. Ugh.

      • niaaeryn says:

        Huh. That is so frustrating. I do not know if that is what is happening on the phone. It seems to be working fine…but on the computer, if it is not alerting you…that is just asinine. Grrr. They need to revert to the old way on the computer, assuredly. Silly improvements are not always that.

  13. reocochran says:

    I get so overwhelmed, I cannot even try to look up or explain. Unless someone sits next to me, with me and demonstrates… this is why I am always going around leaving aplogies for missing things on wordpress. I am not sure how to ‘set my filters’ is what someone told me to do, Colleen. I feel and echo your ‘pain!’

    • Thank you. When I found this had changed it really challenged me on whether to continue. In those first few minutes of stumbling around I realized it was entirely too time consuming. I am committed to communicating with those who respond to my blog. And to responding to those who respond to me when I comment on their blogs. But to make that process more difficult and time consuming … could dissolve my resolve!!!!

  14. viveka says:

    This is prof that thinking and wanting too much – isn’t all that good. I don’t understand why things that worked perfect …. has to change. Changing because of changing. I’m so annoyed with the new set up.

    • I feel bad for complaining. But I figure if it’s frustrating for me, it may be bothering someone else. And maybe someone else has a solution. Fortunately Yvonne did (YAY!!!!). I am annoyed as well. 😦

  15. Gibber says:

    I’m with you bring back old WordPress!

  16. I’ve been having many problems with WP and it’s been a struggle. I had to just “walk away” for a couple of days and let issues sort themselves out. As for comments, I’ve been opening up my post and responding from the post itself. Does that make sense? In other words, I just answer comment by comment from the blog post itself. It hasn’t been too cumbersome. That way at least I don’t miss anyone. It doesn’t answer all of the problems, but it has been workable for me!

    • Yes, I actually go to my posts themselves to respond sometimes too. But sometimes I get comments from much older posts, or from other bloggers on their posts. Those are the things that would easily be missed. Ever since I received the link to go back to my old notification ‘page’ I haven’t even used the new way AT ALL. It is very frustrating. I fear many of us may end up walking away!!!

  17. GrahamInHats says:

    I hope you will find this of interest and useful (there is a link to workarounds) and links to other protesters together with suggestions as to how we can combat this. It seems as if the wrong people have got hold of the reins. Please take a look.

    • GrahaminHats (love the name!) thank you for sending me the information. Anything that helps me navigate better will be appreciated. I will give this a look around tonight after work (I’m responding now during a break). I wasn’t aware there were ‘protesters’ per se. I hesitate to protest something provided for free 😉 but I don’t mind adding my two cents worth if it is heard, or for that matter, I guess even if it’s not heard I don’t mind adding. So I’ll drop in this evening and see what’s there. Thank you!

      • GrahamInHats says:

        I would respectfully add the point that it is not really for free. Either we accept Ads based upon the work that we do to produce a blog or pay our $30 p.a. to keep them off.

        You will perhaps be surprised at the number of people who annoyed by all this, especially since staff have stated that there will be more. 🙂 Hey Ho

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