We Saw You Hit That Car

My husband and I drove a couple of hours from home today to go hike in a beautiful gorge.   Pulled in to the parking lot all excited to go hiking.  We’re pulling on our cold weather gear and KACRUNCH we hear, and husband sees a black SUV Jeep crunch in to a red Toyota pickup in the parking lot.  We continue to put on our gear.  Expecting the driver of the black Jeep to get out and check out the damage.  I heard it hit but didn’t see it hit.  Husband heard it and saw it, he actually saw the red Toyota be moved by the impact of the black Jeep hitting the vehicle.

The driver never gets out while we’re standing there.  I’m buckling on a waist pack. Putting on a vest.  Then I put on  a pull over.  Then my camera back pack.  Then putting my camera on around my neck.  Getting my hiking stick out of the back of the car.  We were taking our time.  Not in any hurry.  The parking lot was packed with vehicles but we were the only people there.   When we pulled in there were only two empty spaces.  The black Jeep took the last place.  We started to walk to the trail and as soon as we stepped out of the parking lot in to the trail we heard a vehicle start in the parking lot.  We back tracked to the parking lot and the black Jeep had started and was backing out.   My husband was closer to the parking lot and went to the black vehicle backing up to leave and took a picture of it’s license plate.  The lone person, the driver, saw my husband and stopped the vehicle.  Still not getting out.

He walked back to me.  We watched for awhile.   She never got out.  We don’t know.  She may have done the right thing.  She may have been calling someone asking them what to do.  She may have been writing her information down.  We don’t know.

We finally went on our hike.  We didn’t want to be confrontive.  We have a picture of both license plates.  And we asked people along the way if they were driving that vehicle.  None of them were.   And on our return, both vehicles were gone.

I almost didn’t post this.   I wrote it.  Then was hesitant.

After I wrote this, a friend posted on Facebook that for heaven’s sake if you hit a car in a parking lot please leave your information.  Her car was hit today while she was inside of a grocery store.  The responsible party did not leave the information.  Now she is stuck with the cost and at least a $500 deductible.  Through no fault of her own.  I wish I could help her.  I can’t.  Maybe I can help the red Toyota owner.

I hope the black Jeep driver did the right thing.  She may have.

But if she didn’t….

If you were driving a red Toyota with New York license plates in Ohio and went hiking and returned to your vehicle to find it damaged and don’t know what happened…..  If you need information on who hit your vehicle and the person did not leave you information, we have it.   And will gladly give it to you.

Just contact me via this blog.