Screaming To Be Set Free

The floors are filthy from a week’s worth of tromping in and out of the house in the snow and ice.  Though we kick our shoes off at the door, we still drag winter in with us on our coats, the cuffs of our pants, the gloves we toss in our tiredness on the closest surface to catch them.

Everything in the house is coated with layers of dust.

The cupboards are near bare because there’s little time to shop during the week between work, working out and responsibilities.

Laundry is piled and waiting to be washed, or folded, or put away.

Recycling needs recycled.

Things need done.

And no matter how often we do these things, no matter how much time we spend today doing them, they’re going to need redone again.  And what happens to today?  It’s gone.  Gone.

And I won’t get it back.   But I’ll definitely get the dirty house, dirty laundry, and need to go shopping back.

It’s January.   It’s sunny.   And my responsibility laden life is yearning, screaming to be set free.

And I’m listening.  I hear it.

I’m responding.

If I’m not in the house…. then those things don’t really need done.    So I took a different path today.  And left responsibility for someone else to find.   I went looking for some other stuff.

Broken Curse



DSC_0810 (4)

Trails to tromp

DSC_0814 (4)


DSC_0826 (4)

Ice Ups

DSC_0833 (4)

Standing at attention

DSC_0837 (5)

Playing in the shadows

DSC_0839 (6)

Puzzles chilled

DSC_0841 (4)

Trying to beat the freeze

DSC_0843 (4)

Getting caught in it

DSC_0849 (5)


DSC_0855 (5)

Pausing mid-air

DSC_0866 (4)


DSC_0873 (4)


DSC_0881 (5)

Hanging out

DSC_0882 (4)

Someone even sent trumpets to greet us!

DSC_0900 (4)


DSC_0904 (3)


DSC_0912 (3)

To be

DSC_0916 (4)


DSC_0918 (4)


Plenty of

In The Gorge

 Other stuff.

And me.

And This Fella

And this fella who kept following me.