An Angel’s Trumpet

My husband and I went on a hike.

I took a lot of pictures.

Some were posted on this blog.

I included one that I thought might be of interest.

When I saw it.

I couldn’t believe it.

And I wanted to share it.

I took three pictures in the same spot.

You can see it,

Gradually appearing.

It’s like something was joining us,

Meeting us there.

You can see it’s approach.

I’d like to think it was special and just for us.

I’m not sure if I should be sad I couldn’t hear it,

Or relieved I didn’t hear it yet.

This is the first of the three images taken in that spot.

DSC_0899 (4)

This is the second of the three.

DSC_0898 (2)

This is the third of the three.

It was in yesterday’s post.

Yesterday’s picture had the color “saturated”.

This is the unedited photo:

Angel's Trumpet

I don’t care what anyone’s explanation is.

I know what I believe.

51 thoughts on “An Angel’s Trumpet

  1. I’m a believer, too! What’s the line from “The Santa Claus?” “Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.” I believe, and so I see and rejoice in it.


  2. This time around…it really does look like a trumpet, agreed. In Nature some things are just more present I think at times, especially ourselves.


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