That Is NOT What You Asked

My husband’s method of asking questions…Husband Asks

And  my way of having to be asked questions

I Listen

Do not work well together.

He needs to correct the error of his ways.

 You need to trust me on this.

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50 thoughts on “That Is NOT What You Asked

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    I trust you as much as I can.


    • 😉 This was an actual comment I made to my husband while we were laughing trying to figure out why what he asked, and how I answered it did not make sense to either one of us. He followed up by restating his question and it was NOT what he had asked. 🙂


  2. inmycorner says:

    Oh – there is a hidden story behind those cartoons and words, Colleen! You always leave me wanting MORE!


    • 🙂 I just told 1jaded1…. my husband had asked a question and I had responded. He didn’t understand my answer. I didn’t understand why he didn’t understand. So he REPHRASED the question. I told him that was NOT what he had asked. Then I made this comment to him, that is the entirety of this post. We both agreed with it when I said it. 🙂


  3. Okay! I’m stepping off the playing field until the ref rules for an amicable settlement. 🙂


  4. niaaeryn says:

    I trust you. Communication is tricky I find…just about always.


  5. markbialczak says:

    The David and Colleen Show! Ratings rocket through the roof. 🙂


  6. Of course I trust you! You’re always right!


  7. jmgoyder says:

    Haha – I trust you!


  8. ksbeth says:

    how could he not? ) he should know better by now, i’ll bet there is a story behind this colleen )


  9. We all know that women are more p.a.r.t.i.c.l.a.r. and detailed and men are a lot more concise. Just because they think something, doesn’t mean the words make it out of their mouths. This is so funny. Like my son-in-law. 😀 😀 😀


  10. I trust you. But, when I scrolled down I didn’t see any comments from him, lol.


  11. dogear6 says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh the joys of marriage! Although I will have you know that my husband and I NEVER do anything like that.

    Nor does that happen when talking to our daughter. . . by either one of us. I bet that doesn’t happen with your kids either.



  12. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Right? And they remind us that we aren’t mind readers when we try not to hit them over the head with hints on things…


    • Exactly. The confusion that ensues is often a bit comical. I answer what he asks. Then he stands there and throws a “what” at me. And I stand there and throw a “what don’t you understand about that” at him. Then he says he asked ‘this’ and completely changes the question. I throw back the question he actually asked and then he throws back “that’s not what I meant to ask”.

      Yes. We live this. Then he sometimes explains what he was thinking that led up to the question he asked. Which led to my comment. Which led to this blog.



  13. Mustang.Koji says:

    I will take Po’s side of the story.


  14. reocochran says:

    I am chuckling at this, Colleen! I do think we are different in our approaches, men and women. I also like the way you didn’t answer his question, but so glad he knows to re-state the question and find out the answer. You are quite a lively team and I agree with Mark, you two could go on the road or write a book together about the different perspectives you both have on life and other subjects… smiles!


    • We would love to take to the road. We enjoy our road trips. Though I don’t think they would be as funny, on the whole, for others. 😉 He has a great perspective. I wish he would write and share them too!


  15. Robin says:

    LOL! Really. Laughing Out Loud. Were you somehow looking into my home? Lately there has been some discussion about this very subject. Almost (mostly?) as playfully discussed as your drawings and words. 😀


  16. What!?? You’re not a mind reader?? LOL!! haha


  17. Gibber says:

    I trust you, I trust you!


  18. bikebrown says:

    I know what I thought and what I meant to say, but what I said was not what I meant or thought.


  19. April says:

    Hahaha! We have conversations like that. However, it is because my husband needs his hearing checked and refuses to go. Sometimes I just go along with his answers that are so far off track–it’s a sick form of entertainment to me. 😀 And to think…he believes my topics rapid cycle, when I’m really only talking about one subject.


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