I Lost It

I lost fifty dollars.  It bothers me that I lost fifty dollars.  I’m extremely fortunate that I can go to the bank or the ATM machine and get another fifty dollars out, and put it back in my pocket,  if I need to.  But still,  I lost it.  And I got mad at myself for losing it.  I feel like I was careless.  Fifty dollars still buys quite a few things.  And fifty dollars is too much to just be cavalier about losing.  Fifty dollars may not feel like enough when I want to give it to charity.  But it feels like way too much to just lose.  I’ve had days when fifty dollars was more than I had.  And the value isn’t always just in the dollar amount but the effort put in to earning it.

So to feel less like having lost it,  husband and I decided it went to someone who needed it.

We hope that to who ever found it – it was a God send.

Maybe they were struggling with paying bills or buying food.

Maybe the kids needed something and they didn’t know how they were going to come up with the extra money to get it.

Maybe they wanted to go see their sick or aging parents and didn’t have the gas money to do so.

Maybe they were sad because they never felt like they had extra cash to just carry in their pockets.

Maybe they were just having a bad day and found it and they did a fist pump in the air and it made them happy.

Maybe some child found it and a wise parent taught them about saving, or charity, or fun money.

Maybe some one found it, picked it up, asked someone else if it was theirs, no one claimed it, so they gave it to a food bank or homeless shelter.

Maybe someone who never does anything just for fun found it, saved it.   And that felt like fun to them.

Maybe someone found it, called their friends, and they all went out for some beers.  Being responsible of course.

Maybe someone found it and took their mom or Mamo or dad or Po out for dinner.

If anyone found it.  And it made someone happy.  Or relieved.  Or gave them a chance to be generous.  Or an opportunity to teach.  Or save.   I will feel like it was fifty dollars well spent.   And that’s better than feeling like I lost it.

Maybe it’s still out there waiting to be found.   Opportunity and chance still to be picked up.