42 thoughts on “Spousal Support

  1. I think you got it right both times. We laugh at each other AND we laugh with each other. Laughing at each other is fine as long as it’s not become a humiliation. But sometimes I do something so stupid, I can’t help but laugh too when he starts laughing at me.



    • This is exactly it. We are both very fortunate to have a great respect from one another, for one another. WE would never want to cause humiliation. But certainly encourage laughter at our own ridiculousness and break tensions where there doesn’t need to be any. 🙂

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  2. Ahh this is so sweet and I ‘get’ both laughing at and laughing with each other. Because… laughing ‘at’ each other is like laughing at ourselves and that is healthy and wonderful!!


    • Thank you so much. I will say, having had relationships where laughter did not help much, it’s a true blessing to be able to laugh at myself, and one another when our disagreements really are ridiculous.


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