I Hear Things

That leave me feeling abstract.

2015-02-02 09.04.44






And I can’t unhear it.

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39 thoughts on “I Hear Things

  1. Boy that’s the truth. Once it’s out there, it’s out there.


  2. I hate it when that happens. 😦


  3. April says:

    I like how you described the way you feel. Abstract. A way to describe my previous existence.


  4. When considered, are we not actually abstract ourselves? Echoes?


    • When I wrote this, and looked at the drawing, and then read some comments….and then considered….. yes. We are. Especially echoes of things we’ve heard, seen, lived….. I didn’t even mean this as a heavy handed or hearted commentary but a ‘surprised’ kind of commentary. Where you hear something that just startles you and makes you go a little wonky with your thoughts. But I suppose it can mean a few different things.

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  5. Maybe you should get that checked out… (sorry Colleen I couldn’t resist). Great little verse, really!


  6. Strange, isn’t it, how you cannot ‘unhear’ but it keeps reverberating?


  7. bikebrown says:

    Looks like what you heard made your hair stand on end more than usual.


  8. I don’t like when I can’t unhear or unsee some unwanted thing Colleen. It does help to fill my ears and eyes with a bunch of other stuff though. ❤
    Diana xo


  9. mewhoami says:

    The things we can’t unhear are usually the post painful of them all.


  10. reocochran says:

    When I hear the little elf tinkering in my inner ear, it is distracting. When I see the little floaters which block my vision, I know I am falling slowly apart…. ha ha!
    As far as what I heard recently is the local cross-gender teen boy who went with his parents to the Anime (should have an accent on the ‘e’) and has been missing for 2 and a half days, this disturbs me. I am worried about this happening in Columbus, with parents in the convention building, too. They are from the little town of St. Mary’s which I have been to, there is a cool canal there, I am wishing he would be found, Colleen.
    So, this is an ‘all over the place’ response to your hearing things, Colleen. Hope it is okay to be a little distracted, myself! ha ha!


    • I thought I read where he was found, though I only read the headlines in passing so I’m not sure if it was the same story, I did not get to read the entire story. I hope he was found. So scary.

      And hearing things that are scary can send us all over the place! 😉


      • reocochran says:

        It turns out, even though family and friends said he wouldn’t do this or scare his parents, he met someone there and knew he would. It was planned. Which the police did not charge him, but did comment that they used 7 police officers over the course of 3 day and night shifts patrolling to find him. Thanks for asking and also, you were right, he was found!

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  11. Gibber says:

    I like what Mr. Chatems said! lol


  12. markbialczak says:

    And I say to myself, I hope I didn’t hear that right! But, MDB Colleen, deep down, I know I did. 😦


    • Eh…. it happens. Those little shocking zingers in life we wish to unhear. Things not even necessarily meant for me to hear! Overheard. Things I wish I had stuck my fingers in my ears if only I had known! 😉


  13. niaaeryn says:

    I know that feeling. I hope it passes soon though, it can be tricky. Music, good music? It may ease the ears a bit until the process does as it does.


  14. Heartafire says:

    Wow, profound truth in this write!


  15. Mustang.Koji says:

    A tad too abstract for this mind cast in concrete… 😦


  16. “I can’t unhear it”. Brilliant!


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