You Make Me Want To Live Forever

You make me want to live forever.

You make me want to be strong and healthy.

Power Lifting

You make me want to be powerful.

And keep you safe forever.

Keep Safe

You make me want to know the answers.

You make me want to run, play, kick and dance.  

With Energy.


You make me want to last.  

As long as you do.

When I see your smallness now

There is a part of me that feels sad.  

When you are older I will be too.

  You won’t always be little.

And I won’t always be how I am now.

When you are carefree I will be aged.

When you are past your youth and in to your prime I will be old.

When you are where I am now

I will not be all that I want to remain.


Oh so willingly!

I will pass it on to you!

I look forward to all that you will be.

All that you will do.

All that you will become.

You make me want to live forever.

64 thoughts on “You Make Me Want To Live Forever

  1. I loved seeing all the pictures. Your hair was so long in that one! Who was in the bottom picture – your grandmother? How did she look when she was younger (do you have any pictures of her?).



    • The bottome picture was a g-g-grandmother. It was cropped from a much larger picture. I only have digital images of actual pictures. And I only have pictures of her aged. Interesting though…I do have a digital image of a image we have a family member born in the 1700’s. I find that fascinating. She is aged in her photo as well (she would be by the time a camera was in her life!).


    • Thank you Koji. I can’t help but think of the past when I see our older folks every day. What we ‘see’ is not what they always were. And it reminds me, the little ones in my life may very well only remember me as ‘old’. Gets to me when I think of that.


    • Right!!!??? Yes, I think of these things. We don’t get the luxury of knowing our generations at all of their peaks. And it makes me think a good deal about how the littles in my life will see me. I work with an aging population and know that the world sees them as “old”. I see them as a compilation of youth, and parents, and working and building lives. I see what they’ve seen through their eyes. I want these kids to know that there is more in front of them then the old person they will remember.


  2. I know, Colleen. I feel the same pain as I watch my grandchildren grow so fast. Time is rushing by too fast. One side grows and the other begins to diminish. Enjoy the time you have and all will be as it should be. ❤ ❤ ❤ That's all we can do.


  3. Such beautiful thoughts and wishes. We were watching old videos with the kids. I can remember them saying things about us–not that we were young or anything because to them we are old and always will be. It was how we interacted with them. I want to live so that I can squish and hug non-furry grandchildren.


  4. My first encounter with your blog. What a heartfelt post this is, it speaks so much to me! My own family is not as big as yours, but I do think a lot about generations, where I come from and what I pass on to my daughter (now 11). The mixed feeling, wanting to be there all the time, and knowing that everything is changing, all the time.


    • Hello Galeriaredelius (I’m trying to pronounce that 😉 Your statement “everything is changing, all the time” is so accurate. But I don’t think people actually pay attention to that. Have you ever watched one of those time lapse videos where people have taken a picture of themselves every day for a year? It’s amazing. The change….from day to day. I am always thinking of generations. And large or not, we all go back all the way… the beginning. 😉


  5. Okay, Colleen, I went to my Mom’s last Thursday but it snowed on Wednesday so I missed blogging for seven days. I missed such treasures you shared and wish I could have been here to be in on the fun!
    I loved this post the best of the week, Colleen! It held so many revelations. Also, promises and hope for those little ones who are growing as we age. . . I agree with your choices and wishes~ 100%


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