That’s What I Said

We were driving through a far away little town and found a little coffee and tea shop. We went in to get a cup of hot tea for me. An iced tea for him.

His was an iced green tea. Lovely. Refreshing.

Mine was a hot chai something or other. Not a chai I have ever had.

It was to go.  The name of the tea wasn’t on the tea bag.   So I can’t share it with you.

I had to wait twenty minutes for it to cool off enough to sip.  America, you make your hot tea way too hot.

He asked me how it tasted.

I told him it tasted purple.

He gave me a husband look. I asked him if wanted to taste it. He said sure. He took a sip. And handed it back.

I asked him if he liked it. He said not really.

I asked him what it tasted like.

He said “purple”.

You would think by this point in our marriage he would know he could take my word for things.

After The Tea

70 thoughts on “That’s What I Said

    • Oh I liked it okay. It just wasn’t what I expected. He didn’t like it. But that’s all right too. I probably wouldn’t have ordered it if I had known it tasted purple. 😉 But I didn’t mind something new.


      • Well, now I know to ask you if you liked it before I put my food in my mouth, Colleen! Smiles! I think when something doesn’t taste too good, I would probably pick a weird color like ‘puce’ or ‘dirt’ to describe it. So something ‘purple’ would be fine with me!


  1. 1. There is no such thing as a “lovely” green tea. 2. There is fun in the men-folk not “remembering” our rightness in that there are plenty of opportunities to remind them!


  2. Purple…I would want to taste purple for the sake of tasting purple on the one hand. On the other, agreedc he should have just trusted your assessment. Yet. I am a bit curious now…purple tea. Sounds like a lovely day. 🙂


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