56 thoughts on “We Don’t Get Along

  1. Shopping sucks. My daughter and I both agree. And when we are home with groceries – SHE carries the load. “If I have to take two trips to carry things inside I’ll have to hit myself!” So, Katya fills her arms with the bags and makes a bee-line for the front door. Love the picture, once again, Colleen. I can see a book filled with your animations, linked together telling a story – like the book “ish”! Only it’s a book about you – and life.


  2. My dear blog followers; you have NO idea how true this is! Back in the day when Chatter Master and I lived in the same town, we would, on occasion, grocery shop together. Well, sort of…. CM would finish before I made it even halfway through the store, then she’d find me and direct me to “hurry the hell up,” then go to the vehicle and wait, ever so impatiently. Hence the reason it was only occasionally! Good times dear sister! Good times!!!!


    • Rebuttal: I think hurry “the hell” up is a BIT of an exaggeration. AND, when you say half way through the store, would it be fair to say that whether it was food or clothes or tin cups, you would pick up and inspect each and every single item, look for every single thing on sale, whether you had gone there looking for that item or not…. and shopping was a way of life for you. A way of life. You lived to shop. And you KNEW better than to go with me. Good times indeed. šŸ™‚


  3. I am laughing at your arms heavy laden and your bags all over the place. I used to go to the store and had a family so many, many trips back and forth from the car would ensue… Sometimes, it is just nice to be only one, since I just pick and choose, only enough for one trip. Thank goodness, you do have a husband who will help, right? Remember the days when you could get the ‘kids’ to come and help? smiles!


    • šŸ™‚ My kids were pretty good at helping. They always wanted to see what I got. Or be the first in to it. And yes my husband is great at carrying groceries in. I don’t mind bragging, he does 99% of our shopping. He’s about as perfect as one can get!!!! šŸ™‚


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