I Like To Pray

I like to pray.

I’m not a fancy prayer (noun: person who prays).

I just kind of talk.

For the most part-

I’ve grown out of asking for ‘things’.

I do a lot of thanking.

I do a lot of processing.

I do a lot of asking questions.

I go over a lot of things I see or hear and don’t understand.

I wonder about things that I wish ‘were’.

And I wonder what about things I should be doing better,

And how I might go about doing that.

I apologize for my misspeaks and missteps of the day.

I do ask for guidance and strength.

And above all,

I do pray for

Those I love.

But to be very honest-

I can’t deny I don’t ever ask for anything.

I am not beyond begging, as a matter of fact, for a grown up snow day.

I Pray

(For those of you under feet of snow, my apologies.  I’m making light as my husband stays home yet again for another school snow day while the rest of the adult world has to go to work.  I hope everyone stays safe and warm.)

59 thoughts on “I Like To Pray

  1. Those who work in the schools do get some nice perks, don’t they? But, in between all those days off (and there are many), I’m sure they work hard and make up for it….right? 🙂


  2. Isn’t a prayer just a nice talk with a best Friend? That’s what it’s always been for me Coleen. My fingers keep hitting the wrong keys, so right now I’m praying for patience.


  3. I understand that prayer! There were days I was scared out of my mind to drive to work (20+ miles). There was times the road from the highway to the plant and admin offices were closed down because of snow & ice so we got to go to a cafe close by and have breakfast while we waited for the road to get cleared. That was great!


  4. I pray the snow will leave “here” and visit “there”. Just for you – I know, very unselfish of me – who is trapped in this winter wonderland. It may be flakey, but there’s “snow-way” we should keep it all to ourselves. grin.


  5. I love the way you drew this precious position of prayer. I am like you, I talk to God, include a lot of stuff and hope that God has time to listen and help those who need it. It is hard to always believe when sad things happen to good people but I always pray!


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