When You Retire


It should be a celebration.


There should be accolades for all that you did.

For all that you built.

For everyone who’s lives were made better by your service.


There should be someone to wax poetic about the standard you did not meet,

But created.

And someone thoughtful,

Who willΒ buy you just the right gifts.


You will walk out of a door.

And leave it behind.

Trusting that what you built

Is strong

And sustainable.


Because what you did was not work.

It was passion.

It was valued.

It was taught.

It was learned.

And you are leaving part of it behind.


And we won’t let you down.


46 thoughts on “When You Retire

  1. I enjoyed your art but did take the time to think about retirement, too. I may not leave a legacy within my work culture but within my family, I hope to. I will hope that I made a difference and would like cake, balloons and a lot of whooping it up, Colleen! Big smiles for whoever is retiring…


  2. This was what I’d hoped for instead of getting dumped out into the street. The hand is still playing out, but for right now, it’s crickets in the job market. Thanks for expressing my heart desire!



    • My husband did not get what he “hoped” for. He has started substitute teaching. Though he did not anticipate it turning out this way, he is really loving it. It’s diverse. Gives him flexibility. The only thing it doesn’t give, is steady pay. When the snow days fly, he doesn’t get paid like a full time teacher does. But still, he likes it, which is very much what I like for him. Still hoping for you.

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      • I didn’t want to look for a job right away, but so many people came rushing over to help, I felt it was disrespectful to not follow up. But now that I’ve got the crickets going on, I just might take some time off for a few weeks.


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