Behind Your Back

It happens.

Behind your back

Your name is mentioned.

And I can’t help but hear what is said about you.

I thought I should let you know.

What others are saying.

I only repeat this

Because I believe some things bear repeating.

And when the words







Are uttered.

You deserve to know

That the moral and decent standard you live by

Is noticed.

And appreciated.

Thank you.

47 thoughts on “Behind Your Back

    • I used to be a supervisor. People would come to my office to ‘talk’. I remember having a discussion with someone about people talking about ‘me’ behind my back. I told them that I understood how sometimes we just need to express how we feel about something, or someone. If someone needs to talk about me behind my back to a friend or coworker because I’ve frustrated them and they just need to vent. I totally get that. In that discussion I told them problems get worse if the “talk” is complaining or problems that need resolved that I don’t know about and can’t address because I can’t hear it being talked about behind my back. I’ve had some great teachers with things like this.


    • Thank you MediatingMummy. I actually did not tell the person, face to face, who this was about. Because of a follow up I want to do about this. πŸ™‚ But that’s for a reason. But I do want them to know.


  1. A lot of the things I have accidently (?) heard said behind my back haven’t been so flattering, but I consider the source. I’ve also heard good things said behind my back, and that more than makes up for everything.

    You are doing good things Colleen.


    • Aww, thanks Angie.

      I know in this world we get “personal” references from others. As we navigate new neighborhoods, new relationships, new jobs, new schools, new friendships-we get feedback from others on new people we meet. It’s like a personal reference. And when the personal reference talk is positive….and I should add….would be said to the person as well….it’s all good.

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    • Me too. Though I haven’t shared this directly with the person it was said about. On purpose. I will be following up with this post. But I love that people say good, and it can impact others without them knowing it, in very good ways. πŸ™‚

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      • Nitin, I should clarify. This happened, by me hearing very positive things being said by two different people regarding another person. On two different occasions. They weren’t talking about me and I over heard. Another person was mentioned and they were well spoken of “behind their back”. Not a negative word to be heard. It was refreshing and encouraging.


  2. You are a very kind soul Colleen πŸ˜‰
    I used to say, if people talked bad about other souls, they might have had a boring life, since they feel this need to talk like that. Otherwise they would talk about themselves.


  3. I know many people that fit the list of descriptors…and I probably say that about them behind their back as opposed to directly sharing my admiration. I might have to think about that this week. Nice, Colleen! πŸ™‚


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