A Hiking Story

We drove hundreds of miles.

We parked.

We hiked in frigid temperatures.

On the advanced trail.

We stopped to check the map.

That was left in the car.

Because apparently we are not very advanced.

I ate a Clif Bar.

We chose a route that took us no where close

To the destination we came to see.

Because you can’t get there from here.

But eventually took us to the road

That would take us back.

To the car that was parked.

In the place it remained.

After we hiked ten frigid miles.

And drove hundreds of miles.

And the most amazing thing we saw all day

Was that damn car.

But then we had amazing burritos.

All’s well that end’s well.

 The Hike

50 thoughts on “A Hiking Story

  1. Ah no, I’ve the perfect word for you, Feck! I did laugh though.
    My OH and myself went hill walking early one morning. We had a fantastic day, but by 5pm we were spent and still had to make it home. We eventually came back to where we began but obviously had gone wrong, (compass acting up!) and we landed on the road 7km from our car.
    We walked in silence, drove in silence back to the hotel, fell on the bed..in silence, and died, still wearing our boots!


    • Tric, I totally get that. I am pretty sure a ‘feck’ or two were muttered in good humor on this hike. 😉 We were mostly disappointed because we had discovered when we arrived that most of the huge park had not been maintained for the season so we couldn’t get to the part of the park we wanted to get to to start hiking from. So we hiked in an area that was not where we had planned and couldn’t get to where we wanted to get to, and couldn’t see what we wanted to see. But still hoped to see some THING. But really….the car was just about it!!! But it was NOT as bad as your hike! So there’s THAT!!!! 🙂


  2. Ten miles in frigid temps really concerns me, more than the finding the car, embracing it (I love this picture you drew of your intense relief, Colleen!) and wonder if this was a safe thing for the two of you to do. (Just the Mom in me, ‘kicking in!’)
    Lastly, glad you had a delicious meal and someday, you will laugh about this walk, “the longest and coldest hike ever” story!


    • All is well Robin. 🙂 We were prepared for the distance and the cold. Just super bummed it wasn’t the hike we wanted in the area we wanted to see what we had come all that distance to see. 🙂 But all’s well…. and well fed!


    • 🙂 Hi Stacey! The hike was not the adventure we wanted but it was an adventure none the less. I will say, despite the unplanned adventure twists, the people on this trip have been outstanding. Which makes up for everything. 🙂


    • 🙂 Me too. The road story is kind of funny in it’s own right. But hard to explain. We weren’t really lost…..just not sure which way to go. I know I know. It makes it sound like we were lost. But we weren’t. 😀


    • It was indeed better MBM. But to put a twist on the city walk…..THAT could have had a horrible outcome…. so in retrospect it turned out to be a very blessed day. Even if quite nerve wracking. 😉


  3. About 10 years ago, a group of us were camping. Four of us (and the dog) decided to take a quick 2 mile hike from one trailhead to another. The other two would wait for us at the destination trailhead. My parents had possession of my two very young children and were to meet us at a nearby town to give them back later that evening. Plenty of time.

    Only, we ended up on a trail that was (apparently) closed and not maintained. We were speed hiking and didn’t notice. Eventually the trail dwindled into more of a game trail. Long story short, we were lost.

    We were all very experienced outdoorspeople (contrary to appearance in this tail) and we happened to have backpacks with enough food for several days. We started cross-country hiking, trying to find useful landmarks. At one point, we were rock climbing near steep cliffs and climbing fences with our backpacks. We eventually found a road and was reasonably close when my mom convinced the person waiting for us to go report us missing – the woman saw us coming up the road and picked us up.

    A 30min-1hr hike turned into 5 hours of stressful hiking, but it remains one of my happiest hiking memories. So, yeah, I can relate to the bad days still being good. 🙂


    • This story does, so very well, relate to what we did. We were prepared for our hike as well. The park, on the other hand, was not prepared for us. 😉 It was open to hikers and skiers. But it only had one parking lot open. So we couldn’t start from where we planned. It was just not the hike we planned. But it was still a good day. 🙂 (Better than the next!!!!)


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