What’s To Like About It?

I had a martial arts instructor for many years.   I was not a naturally gifted student.  I was not a difficult student.  But I may have been a bit of a challenge.  And I say that with a bit of a grin on my face as I write that.   Things did not come easy for me.  I am pretty sure it would be fair to say that my instructors rolled their eyes at me more often than I rolled my eyes at them. One day this particular instructor looked at me after I must have hesitated or balked about fighting or getting punched or something along those lines.  With a bit of exasperation (my perception) he said “Colleen you’re afraid of pain”.

I don’t remember what I responded then.  But I’ve thought about that comment for years.

And years.

And I just want to make something very clear.

I’m not afraid of pain.

I am very clear of one thing.


I do not mind avoiding it at all costs.

And I’m okay with that.


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42 thoughts on “What’s To Like About It?

  1. I do not like pain either. And I have had plenty of it in my lifetime. NO THANK YOU, NO PAIN FOR ME PLEASE. 😉


  2. Gibber says:

    I’m happy to have all pain far far away from me. I wouldn’t be happy to take a punch or a kick..lol


  3. Yeah, really, I’ll avoid pain at all costs and I have no problem admitting that!


  4. Who l.i.k.e.s. pain? Good answer. No-one goes looking for it but when the occasion calls for it, an adult goes with the flow. Doesn’t mean you like it. You do what you MUST. ❤ ❤


  5. dogear6 says:

    It’s a good distinction between the two. However, one of the things I’ve always liked about martial arts for women is learning that you can get hit and not die from it. It’s not pleasant, but it’s better than getting pounded for real and not being able to help yourself.



    • That was one of the number one lessons I learned, and taught, in martial arts. You get hit, kicked, punched…and guess what? It doesn’t knock you down or out. If it does, get up. Keep going. If it does hurt it’s a lot briefer than you think. Some would get embarrassed if they cried (embarrassment cry, not hurt cry). I would always tell students it’s okay to cry. It’s not okay to stop protecting yourself. Someone hurting you isn’t going to stop because you’re crying. You need to keep going. I love your comment Nancy!!!!

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  6. I too did martial arts and pain was part and parcel of it, many bruises were had. Of course if we had the option we would stay clear of inflicted pain…which is painful 😉


  7. tric says:

    I have no fear of pain, but I think the more pain we feel physical or mental in life, increases our pain threshold and allow us deal with the big things better. Great story.


  8. Me too, I’m okay with that. ❤


  9. April says:

    My favorite line—we must know pain in order to thoroughly experience joy. (I’m typing this with a lot of sarcasm) I don’t need pain to enjoy life. I will do what I can to avoid pain also.


  10. Patrick says:

    Uh, if you enjoy pain doesn’t that make you a masochist? And if you expect others to enjoy pain, doesn’t that make you a Sadist? Perhaps the instructor should be advised of that… 😉


  11. markbialczak says:

    The replies that raced through my head, my buddy Colleen.

    1. But I’m not afraid of you, dude, ’cause you couldn’t hurt a fly!

    2. And it’s kept me alive for all these years!

    3. One woman’s pain is one teacher’s shame on you big mouth!

    I think your teacher had a lot of nerve for saying that to you. Can you tell?


  12. Here! Here! I think this proves your sanity.


  13. reocochran says:

    This was a comment that would have made me ponder awhile, too. I have never learned how to be a martial artist, but you have. It is a proud accomplishment, Colleen. The pain, no matter how, when or where it comes from, is never appreciated. I somehow think anyone would have been flinching under these circumstances. I am not even crazy about the idea of pain making us appreciate the good times,


    • I will say that taking self defense is more than about physically defending yourself (and others). It’s about development on so many levels. On the physical level, one of the bonuses of the classes and workouts and sparring (etc) is that people do understand that pain does not have to stop you. You can be physically slapped, hit, punched/attacked and protect yourself. And the physical ‘hit’ does not have to surprise you. I remember many a student saying how they were glad to “lose” the surprise of being hit while practicing or sparring and learning it wasn’t something that was going to keep them from defending themselves. This is getting way too long for a comment. But the comment he made always stuck with me. And I’m at a point in life now where I kind of chuckle about it, and it comes back to me every so often and depending on what’s going on I may reflect on it differently.


  14. niaaeryn says:

    The natural response is to avoid pain. One philosophy in particular notes that humans, or just about any animal, will instinctively avoid pain and maximize pleasure whenever possible.
    Though I see nothing wrong in avoiding pain, there does come a point when facing and enduring pain is needed for growth or getting one clear of a painful situation. Yet, I do the same as well when it is not a bad thing.
    Reminds me, when I was lifting weights recently I noted the strain on my muscles, and when I kept hitting myself with the jump rope it felt like a whip almost (it has been awhile and after doing 200 you may flub a few) I thought, I am paying the gym for this privilege of me hurting myself…and I kind of like it? Is that normal or exercise endorphins talking?


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