48 thoughts on “The Risks We Take

    • 🙂 Thank you Stacey. I know that fear keeps some armor up. Or past pains. Or other reasons. But what do we miss when we wear it? And when we don’t wear it, what scars do we amass? And how well do we bare/bear them? So many questions! 🙂

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    • Just some things….it seems from your recent posts you have been gaining many things. 🙂 (By the way, did you turn comments off? Just in case you didn’t, I can’t comment and I don’t want you think I’m not, I can’t, but don’t know why.)


  1. I am open to all the possibilities, without my armor. This is the way I face each day, hoping and believing I will get more butterflies and love, this was so perfect for me, Colleen. I think you may don your protective devices but I don’t see you using armor!


    • Thank you Robin. I have to admit I have used armor. Less so now. But I had times in life where I had armor galore. But I gradually shed it. I don’t know that I have left it all behind, I’m sure if I needed it I would grab it again. But I hope not.


  2. Well stated with the perfect images to go with. Personally, I love the heart and butterfly with sword action. Still, with the arrow…a reminder it is a risk. I think worth it to go without the armor more often than not. 🙂


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