Old Luck

If I’m lucky I’m going to happily get older.

If I’m luckier I’m going to age and be able to take care of my physical needs by my self.

If I’m luckiest I’m going to have the mental capacity to make my own decisions and take care of my physical needs as I age.

If I’m blessed I’m going to age, be physically able, mentally capable, and be surrounded by family and friends who make up my world with support, socialization and interaction.  And my world will be full of love.  My life’s quality will not just be mine, but add to other’s as well.

If I’m not…..lucky, luckier, luckiest, or blessed-

I’m old.

37 thoughts on “Old Luck

  1. As long as I live a life of quality I am happy to live, when that changes I would wish to bow out. I’m not sure how lucky I’ll be.
    I hope your luck lasts a long time.


    • Knocking Knocking Knocking. Fortunately my desk is made of wood. I appreciate you believing me to be sharp. I will add that to me favorite compliments ever received and make you my FAVORITE today MBM!!!! 😀


  2. I decided to chuckle instead of getting serious on this lucky luckier and luckiest post. I hope we will be the luckiest, but even if not, being here is a gift I wish to have for a long, long time! (Even if my marbles are rolling around and have lost a few! ha ha!)


  3. I love your perspective, and I am voting/hoping blessed but no matter what lucky. 🙂
    (I realize I grin a lot but I think so much is lost with text that I grin to show a happy face…just a noticing, but felt a need to explain, no clue why, but there it is.)


    • Thank you again Niaaeryn. I am blessed and know it will go with me no matter how long my journey is. And about the grinning and winking faces….I leave more comments with them than without them. So no need to explain to me! 😉

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    • 🙂 That’s a wonderful thing to be doing. My daughter always says to me “I’m never putting you in a nursing home!” But I don’t know if that’s a threat or a promise. 😉 But we joke about it. And I we talk about it. (And I never make them promise such a thing, EVER).


  4. I’m aiming for your blessed category. But right now I consider myself pretty darned lucky (new category while keeping one eye on the calendar).


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