The Child Remains

I looked upon your sleeping face.

And I saw the face of your parent.

Your parent.

Who was my child in their youth.

And remains my child in my heart.

The child remains

In heart

In memory

And in reflection and upon

Watching the miracle of you.

The miracle of you

A new life

Keeping me mesmerized with what was

And propelling me with anticipation for what will be.

Oh My God The Love.

42 thoughts on “The Child Remains

  1. The way you expressed this is now in my top two of your posts, Colleen. Wow! (The other one is involving the granddaughter who liked her day and cannot remember the sweet way she said it, but it was to all there, an amazing hug of a comment.)
    When I take photos of my grandies sleeping, I know the photos aren’t for their eyes, even when they get older, it is meant for mine and their parents’ who see the angel asleep.


    • πŸ™‚ Thank you Robin! πŸ™‚ And the way you express emotions about your grands, I know you get this. Completely. There is just that connection that they create. It’s something new, and yet it takes us to something nostalgic for us as well. It’s an incredible mix of amazing love for us isn’t it?


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