So I Told Her

I was walking in to work early yesterday morning.  A co-worker who I see on occasion, and sometimes more often than other times,  over the course of over a decade walked in with me.   We work in the same building but not together.  We have not shared much time together.  But you know how it is.  You see a face over the course of many years.  A face that makes you smile.  A face that, in my case, makes me break out in to song.  Which prompts her to say “oh Colleen!”  and laugh.

Pleasantries are exchanged.  Moments over the years add up.  And a relationship develops in the stairways.  In the parking lot.

A coming and going of life builds.

She asked me how I was.

So I told her.

I didn’t have to share details or a huge story but gave  little bit of a snapshot.  As we ascended the stairs I said I was tired.  I was so very tired.    She reached out and touched my arm and in the context of what we were discussing she pulled her hand back to cover her own heart and said “would you mind if I prayed for you?”

With all of the gratitude in my heart I thanked her and accepted.

I happen to believe in prayer.  And joyfully accepted her gift.  And her willingness to offer this gift to me.

As the day went on it made me smile.

And as the day turned in to night  it made me think.

It occurred to me that maybe it was brave of her to ask because some may have smirked, or been offended, or scoffed, or refused.  But she asked any way.   It occurred to me that many, like I, would have been so grateful that it was worth the risk to ask.  It occurred to me that maybe to her it was no risk at all.

Regardless of my own beliefs, if someone offered me comfort through their own beliefs,  it would give me great comfort that they reached out.  Whether it was through prayer, meditation, burning sage, singing a song, offering me ice cream, sending me a note, sitting with me in silence, offering comfort in the ways that they take and receive comfort.

I know that faith and beliefs can be very personal, and sometimes very scary for people to share.  I was so moved by her very simple offer that it still resonates with me today.

I just wanted to share a very nice, pleasant moment in life.  Because they happen all day, every day.  And make every thing about living the way it’s suppose to be.