So I Told Her

I was walking in to work early yesterday morning.  A co-worker who I see on occasion, and sometimes more often than other times,  over the course of over a decade walked in with me.   We work in the same building but not together.  We have not shared much time together.  But you know how it is.  You see a face over the course of many years.  A face that makes you smile.  A face that, in my case, makes me break out in to song.  Which prompts her to say “oh Colleen!”  and laugh.

Pleasantries are exchanged.  Moments over the years add up.  And a relationship develops in the stairways.  In the parking lot.

A coming and going of life builds.

She asked me how I was.

So I told her.

I didn’t have to share details or a huge story but gave  little bit of a snapshot.  As we ascended the stairs I said I was tired.  I was so very tired.    She reached out and touched my arm and in the context of what we were discussing she pulled her hand back to cover her own heart and said “would you mind if I prayed for you?”

With all of the gratitude in my heart I thanked her and accepted.

I happen to believe in prayer.  And joyfully accepted her gift.  And her willingness to offer this gift to me.

As the day went on it made me smile.

And as the day turned in to night  it made me think.

It occurred to me that maybe it was brave of her to ask because some may have smirked, or been offended, or scoffed, or refused.  But she asked any way.   It occurred to me that many, like I, would have been so grateful that it was worth the risk to ask.  It occurred to me that maybe to her it was no risk at all.

Regardless of my own beliefs, if someone offered me comfort through their own beliefs,  it would give me great comfort that they reached out.  Whether it was through prayer, meditation, burning sage, singing a song, offering me ice cream, sending me a note, sitting with me in silence, offering comfort in the ways that they take and receive comfort.

I know that faith and beliefs can be very personal, and sometimes very scary for people to share.  I was so moved by her very simple offer that it still resonates with me today.

I just wanted to share a very nice, pleasant moment in life.  Because they happen all day, every day.  And make every thing about living the way it’s suppose to be.

55 thoughts on “So I Told Her

  1. It is posts like these that inspire me to drop what I’m doing, take a breath, and experience glimpses of your beautiful spirit as I savor your creations. Thank you, Colleen.


  2. That’s beautiful. When my son was in the coma we, who belong to no specific religious faith, were graced with the prayers of all faiths from across the world. I too found a joy and a comfort in the love that prompts such a gift.


  3. That was very sweet of her! I’m glad that it made your day. I personally think that the reason many people turn their noses up at religion is because they have had some bad experiences. Sadly, some religious people do not set good examples and makes it look bad on the whole fold. There needs to be more “good,” “happy,” and “pleasant” examples.


  4. Your co-worker sounds a well-put-together, helpful and confident person. Her offer is something money can’t buy. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we were all open to each other, respectful of each other’s beliefs and willing to listen. ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. Such a benevolent act of caring and kindness from someone you hardly know – no wonder it made you think. I’m so glad you accepted her special gift; if only we were more open to each other like that, the world would be a better place.


    • I agree Barb, it’s being open to one another’s gifts of kindness and offers of graciousness. Whether we share the same beliefs or not, the other person wishing to spend their time and beliefs on my well being, is a gift I cherish. Thank you!

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  6. A wonderful gift from a good friend. I treasure friends like that, since so many people are afraid to offer to pray. You are a very good friend to have Colleen, and all who know you also know that about you. Sending prayers your way also.


    • Thank you Angie, that is very kind of you. This friend was not just giving me a gift of prayer and comfort, but also reminding me that giving something like this IS so easy and such a gift.


  7. That gave ME goose-bumps. I’m so glad that you have a person like this one in your life. She was the right person – at the right time. Seems to me we’ve heard that song before. A prayer was offered right when it was needed. And good for you for ‘telling her”!


  8. It sounds like her prayers may have helped? She was being kind by sharing her faith, not pushing it on you. I like to put on a hand made crown and dance around a fire. Bahahaha!


  9. “Regardless of my own beliefs, if someone offered me comfort through their own beliefs, it would give me great comfort that they reached out. ”

    This. Exactly. I am a non-believer, but I don’t get offended because of the context She was offering the only thing she felt she could (besides a listening ear) to help. And it sounds like it did help some, so good 🙂

    (Now, “I’ll pray for you” as a rebuttal to an argument, no matter the subject, is offensive and really should be offensive to everyone, no matter what their beliefs)


    • 🙂 I get this reply completely! The rebuttal comment would be offensive, as if I need intervention because I don’t agree with or conform to that person’s beliefs. That is just wrong.

      But this lady, she gave comfort and respect and kindness. 🙂 And it was …..nice.


  10. I feel this was such a meaningful example of friendship and faith. Coworkers do become like family, being there with you through so much. The offer and your acceptance was a precious and beautiful story to share with us. I would welcome prayer or any offer of support. We are all in this together, I feel.


    • I once had it pointed out to me that in many situations we spend more awake time with coworkers on a daily basis than with family and friends. And I’ve noticed that that is true is many many situations. And being in it together (I like how you said that 🙂 I too appreciate support from those I spend a huge portion of my life with.


  11. As you know I do not share the belief you do, but I do not fear or hate religion. If this lady said this to me I’d be honoured.
    I hope it helped you too, and you are a little less ‘tired’.
    I’ll think of you tomorrow somewhere nice and Irish countryside looking. That is my equivalent and I hope it will help too.


  12. That is a very pleasant moment to have, and brave of her to ask. I am glad she did and likewise if I may I would like to as well. I hope you are well today and better rested tonight. 🙂
    Co-workers are like a second family, agreed. I think we spend just so much time with them. It is nice when they are nice. 🙂


    • Thank you! I am better rested. 🙂 And appreciate you for this.

      It is amazing the difference good coworkers make in our lives. I have always been blessed to have great coworkers who become friends. I have seen people who dread work, a huge part of their life, because of their situations at work/relationships. And it always hurts to see that. I never understood people who make it a point to create misery in their work environment, I’ve seen that as well.

      I have truly been lucky and blessed.

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  13. Whether this is fact or lore, I would not know except to say I read it. During WWII, somewhere in Italy, a gravely wounded Nisei was laying when a priest came by. The priest asked if he could say a prayer. The Nisei graciously accepted while saying he was Buddhist. I am sure he was thankful.


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