Like I Did Today

I was driving to work today.  Most days I see something that catches my eye.  Depending on the time of the year it may be the moon, or the ice crystals, or the sun, or a person, the colors in the sky are a favorite vision.

Today it was three trees.

And the sight of them was perfect.

They were symmetrical.

They were perfectly framed in my vision against the dawning gray, orange, unnamed color of morning.  The darkness of their silhouette making anything behind them or around them insignificant.

And I knew I would never see them like that again.  If I ever even catch sight of them again, like I did today.

And I wanted to capture them but didn’t have my camera.

Or the skills to do it.

And I wonder.

How many things are there to catch, capture, peak our interest and curiosity but for that one time.  Just to keep us on our toes.  And if we aren’t paying attention-we just don’t get to see it.

It wasn’t anything fancy or earth shattering.  But.  For that moment I smiled at the way they lined up in my vision against the muted colors, obliterating any plainness or ugliness of the broken streets and run down housing.   It wasn’t going to change the course of my life, or even my day for that matter.   It felt good to my eyes.  Which felt good to my soul.  Maybe that change, is change enough.   I was paying attention, and felt rewarded.

Three Trees

55 thoughts on “Like I Did Today

  1. I saw five trees the other day.. They were aligned just so… I saw them in a shape of square with the ground being one side. All sides were exactly the same color green and I did a double take as I thought trees cannot just grow sideways… Can they?
    I am going that way again tomorrow and I will have my camera ready!


    • Thank you RgeMom. I agree with you. And I am so happy to learn, about me, that such things are as much a treat as an unexpected gift from a friend, or a day off…. To look forward to something that I “see” that makes me sit up and smile and pay attention. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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  2. I made a decision a long time ago to rarely use a camera, but to try to commit moments such as those you describe, to memory. I have often felt that when we use a camera we watch life behind a lens instead of living it (I admit I have often regretted not taking that photo)
    I love the idea that without looking about us, really looking, we miss so much. I’ll be doubly alert tomorrow. Great post, and even without a camera I bet you will remember that sight for a long time.


    • I get what you mean Tric. Just the other day I put the camera down because I was trying too much to take pictures. (Then someone asked me why I wasn’t taking pictures!) I do wish I had the skills of a painter (oils or water color) that could capture things the way I see them. I haven’t yet been able to with a camera. Or any way. I see things I want to capture because I see them….despite what else is there….. like those trees. And wish that for the trees sake, others would see them as well. If that makes sense….. 🙂


  3. Years ago, I was driving north on NM 68 between Santa Fe and Taos. It was a Sunday morning in winter and partly cloudy. I was listening to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on the radio. You drive part of that distance through the Rio Grande Gorge. At Pilar, you leave the river and climb out of the gorge and through a pass where you see the top of the mesa laid out in front of you, Taos in the background, and Wheeler Peak behind it. Ninth Symphony, fourth movement as I arrived at the pass. Just as I came through the pass, the sun broke out of the clouds shining on the snow-covered peak and the choral Ode to Joy began. It was one of those perfect, never again moments.


    • DaveB42……that moment is exactly the kind of moment I could never create and exactly the kind of moment I would want to have waiting for me through out my life. So I would pay attention the best I could so I did not miss them! Thank you for sharing this!!!


  4. It’s about finding the beauty in all things and little things, which I have told you before I think you embrace beautifully. Some moments we just can’t capture right then but putting it on here you have so that the rest of us can “see” it too.


    • Thank you NAPR. Beauty is important to me. The real beauty of life. Which isn’t ‘made’ or glossied up. But just ‘is’. Sometimes it’s in seeing things, sometimes experiencing things, sometimes it’s with people. So very often with people. Even when it is ‘just’ our words exchanged. On blogs. 🙂 And we see it together.


  5. There are so many things that I see and I wish I had my camera or I wish I wasn’t driving so I could take a picture. They’re usually really funny…or dirty…Anyway, nice job of capturing it in the artwork Colleen!


  6. I have those moments too. When I had a long commute I would pass by a tree, grand, tall, reaching up, half alive and half dead. Yet, there is no where to pull over really to photograph it well (current road construction has made it even more tricky). Still, just those moments…just mindfully enjoying it…the mind absorbs quite a bit.
    Lovely image too, though I am biased in loving trees. 🙂


    • I’m with you in the bias. And even when I have my camera I can never catch it the way I see it. Never. Sometimes I get a good picture. But I have yet to capture it the way I see it. But yeah….those moments of seeing, absorbing….enjoying. 🙂

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  7. I do think we can feel rewarded for paying attention! I just love moments of surprise when I take note of something beautiful, and when I think about the serendipity of timing I am gleeful! I hope you can see those trees again. It may not be in exactly the same light, but equally charming!


    • Thank you Debra, I hope I see them too. ANd yes, maybe in a different light, a different time of day, and they call me again. 🙂 The rewards of paying attention can be so amazing. And interestingly, calming. 🙂


  8. I learn so much when “you” pay attention. Thanks for doing that – and soooo happy to see a doodle with your words. Three trees. I pay attention to trees too. I think we can learn so much from trees – such an analogy for life in themselves: they never leaf us alone, their wisdom is rooted in the soil, and woodn’t hurt a fly!


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