It’s Better Than Not Being Able To Say

I climbed a mountain today.  Some people don’t think it’s a mountain.  Mostly because it doesn’t look like a mountain.  And probably because it only takes a few minutes to ….summit.  At least for me.   It may take some – more than a few minutes.  I’m not bragging mind you.  But all of the bike hours and treadmill hours, and stair climbing at work make climbing not so difficult for me.    At least this mountain.  Whether it’s a mountain in some people’s opinion or not, it’s a chunk of earth sticking out of the ground above the rest of the earth in near proximity to it.  And once you summit,  climb, walk, run, stroll to the top….you can see out over the town.

The point is….I climbed a mountain today.

And the point of that is, it’s better than not being able to say I climbed a mountain today.

Grand or not, a mountain is still a mountain.