48 thoughts on “If All We Wanted

  1. But I always seem to look for more to do?
    I like to weed and clean. There is a beginning a middle and end… Then you get to do it again


    • Sigh….I smile at the thought of it. I suppose the upside is, if we didn’t manage to get ourselves in a position of doing this productively for a living we should make sure we are productively feeding our needs to produce creatively else where. 🙂

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    • Some people managed to do this right Robin. Managed to find out what they loved and spend their lives doing it. They learn it, work it, live it in so many different ways. Maybe it’s even more than one ‘thing’. 🙂 Seems kind of lovely. 🙂


      • I have enjoyed many things I have been involved with, but always would have liked my first husband who worked with computers, met in college, etc. and I would have been able to continue teaching back in the day. When I got back into teaching, I was blessed to have a second chance at a different age group. Working at the battered women’s shelter and the nursing home were good places to make a difference, but my heart has been with children, since I was a girl. So, this was meaningful in many ways, different levels. Each time, season and year has gone ‘as they should go,’ no complaints!

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    • If only and amen! 🙂 I wrote it as is. Then let it sit for an entire day and reread it twenty times. It can’t be that simple a thought and make that much sense to ME and to someone else….. 🙂


    • Indeed nothing is free. I don’t mind the working. But I’m not sure who ever decided ‘work’ must be unpleasant or soul sucking, or other terms used to describe work. I think ‘work’ can be very meaningful and passionate and even fun. Hard work does not mean ‘bad’. 🙂

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        • You are so right Irene. I am not sure I would want all of my dreams to come true either….I like the hope of dreams and the complete freedom of dreams. The thing about dreams is, they are perfect as is, and feel good. Once they are reality we don’t really know that what we dreamed will play out as well as what the dream was any way. 🙂

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