Friendship Faux Pas

A wonderful indicator of friendship.

Is making a mistake.

And the friendship remains intact.

Because friendships are not ruined by mistakes.

Mistakes are dealt with

By friendships.

And some friendships don’t even notice the mistakes you make.

Or care, if they do.

65 thoughts on “Friendship Faux Pas

  1. So true Colleen. I had a friendship…well I thought it was for 7 years…one incident and it was over, by my ‘friend’. I tried several times to try and reconcile, to talk it over. We talked once she saying yes it was stupid and we should get together soon. That was 2 years ago and I haven’t heard from her. I miss our friendship greatly, but I realise that perhaps the friendship was not as strong as what I thought.


    • Shocking isn’t it? It’s almost as if that friend was just waiting for a reason to be done….when things end suddenly and it seems unreasonable there must be more to it. And I would suspect that it had nothing to do with you. I mean, if that was me in your situation, that’s what I would think. I think, that is what I would think. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Oh yes, it always makes a friendship seem like a tighter bond when you’ve come through something, whether it’s a mistake, or an argument, and then there’s no weirdness afterwards. The mark of a true friend.


    • One of my long time friends said her father always said a true friendship had to have a disagreement of some kind to make it real. Without it, how would one know? I think I understood what he meant. But in my job I’ve also met people who have been married, or friends with people, literally for 60 and 70 years. And some have said they never fought. It wasn’t that they didn’t disagree. Interesting, the common factor was, they thought more of the person involved, than the matter that was not agreed upon. πŸ™‚


  3. It’s not just friends, but family as well. I went through this several years ago with a family member who got offended by something I did. Instead of having it out with me, she just stopped talking to me. Told my daughter and others why she was mad, but not me. We finally patched it up, but I’ve held that relationship very loosely ever since.



  4. Or there are friends who you’ve known for 7-8 years who attack you in public, say things to you because you are nice. They still want to be your friend because of a lack of understanding that you do not push a friend around just because it seems easy to do so and sadly not realising the friend has already pushed them away.
    I’m dealing with one such “friend” now. I watch the dear friends I do have, the ones who don’t care about mistakes and I hold this one friendship in a space that says… Just be, do nothing.


  5. Yeah I learned that one this past year when I made a mistake with so called close friends and rather than working it out with me, they never talked to me again. That sucked.


  6. I had a friend for 40 years who didn’t want to be friends anymore. Forty years. I tried calling her and we did talk on the phone but it wasn’t the same. Three years later now, and I wonder how we lasted so long and then not.


  7. I think we can only do the best we can in all instances. I feel friends forgive mistakes, if they are not continuous. I have written about giving up ‘so-called’ friends, who were either fair weather friends or ones who leaned all the time but didn’t wish to create balance and listen or understand when I needed to be ‘heard.’ True friends weather the storms and batten the hatches, in for the ‘long haul,’ Colleen. Love how you put this, sincerely great post!


      • I have to tell you that my nautical references come from my ‘city kid’ Dad who loved retiring to Lake Erie, he tried to sound like a sailor, but no swearing after he had grandchildren. (Yes, as children my brothers and I heard those bad words.) Glad you enjoyed the analogy, which I felt compelled to smile, thinking of where they came from.

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  8. So true. I have been grateful for my friends and vice versa as we work out issues rather than not. Friendship takes work just as relationships, and they are worth it. πŸ™‚


  9. Great poem. At the end of the day, situations like that are what makes us stronger in life and they make us appreciate the ones that are truly there for us.


  10. I think I have had to test this principle a number of times in my life and it definitely does define true friendship. The relationships that couldn’t weather a few bumps weren’t very solid. The true friendships have even taken a battering and are still solid! πŸ™‚


  11. Real friend. We will have few. A true friend will come to you when you are in a bad place or come to you to help change a tire on a Winter night.
    Mistakes are dealt with
    By friendships.”
    I agree with the above lines.


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