You See!

Does it matter

If anyone else

Can see

What it is

You see.

When you are looking for something.

Or when you see something far off.

When you know it’s there.

And you keep looking.

You keep working.

You know the direction.

You see.

You see.

You see.

To have the gift of vision.

Keep looking.

You see.


33 thoughts on “You See!

  1. Must remember to keep looking, sometimes it is easier to look down rather than up. And agreed, others do not have to see so long as you do. πŸ™‚


  2. I’d like to say it doesn’t matter, but sometimes it just gets old that no one else sees it the same way I do. I don’t need the validation, but it’s frustrating to be the odd man out so often.

    I am constantly amazed at your gift and how you can take something as simple as that, reduce it to a few lines and still say so much! Such good thoughts to share.



    • Thank you Nancy. Validation is a wonderful thing. I would “like” to say I don’t need it. But at my lowest points….it sure comes in handy. Even just a small encouragement, or a “like” on a post that you put a lot of work in to can make a difference.

      To be honest Nancy I think my reducing to a few lines comes from years of trying to write long style and realizing I don’t have the skill or patience for that. I find that I enjoy being able to say it….and put it out there as succinctly as I can. It’s almost a challenge to myself any more. Thank you for seeing that. πŸ™‚

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  3. I often see what others don’t. I used to ask, do they not “see” it, am I strange? Then I realized, I see the whole picture more often than not.

    If only my dad could see me now. He passed away 20 yrs ago, but my mum and he brought us up to see, see past everything, see what others don’t see, to truly see beyond even if others don’t. Sometimes though, I choose not to share because others simply cannot see! and what is the point in that.
    Oooh that was long!


    • Oh no! This was not long at all!!!! This was perfect!!!

      I do understand. When I try to express or share. And others tell me what “I” am saying or doing. When I’m not! It’s their perception of what I am saying or doing. Or what they think I am trying to say or do. And it’s not. I love that it may spark an idea or take them in a direction.

      But so often my vision is never seen clearly by another.

      I’ve come to the point that I am okay with that. Because when I truly need someone, or WANT someone, to see what I am seeing, it makes me work harder at what I’m doing (write, draw, speak???) to be more defined. Better. Etc. Often when I want someone to see something and I can’t get them to ‘see’ it’s not because of them, it’s sometimes because the thing I am doing is not pleasing me either. Let’s say a drawing because it’s visual. If I’m trying to capture something, though my drawings are primitive, I know when I’ve captured what I want. And I know when I am just missing it. And I know when others won’t see it or feel it.

      Talk about long….

      But yes. There are also times when I see something that I ‘feel’ that I pursue, that others never will. And THAT I am okay with. Because they don’t have it. Can’t see it. And won’t.


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