Help Is Not Always Work

Every day at work we field calls about helping others.  It’s our job.

Last week I was reminded that helping others is not always work.

It might happen at work.  But that doesn’t mean it’s about work.

It might mean it’s about people helping someone because this someone is a face they see on a regular basis and they learn about him and find out he could use some help.  And they reach out.

From one human being to another.  And one human being reaching out grows in to a small group of human beings, reaching out to that human being in need, to help him.

I was contacted by someone in this small group of bright humanity to be asked some questions.  I wasn’t very brilliant in my answer giving but did my best.  The other day they sent me an update.  We exchanged some emails  with me expressing appreciation for them sharing what they had done, with me.  If they had not told me I would have been completely unaware of their good deeds, as is most of the two hundred plus people in the building I’m sure.  In our exchange my contact said to me “I ask myself everyday why some folk talk about people and why others help those people!”

I have been thinking about that comment.

This group of people saw someone struggling with something.  Whatever it was – they saw it.  They saw a man with a need and doing without, and stepped in, on their own.  And helped.  They didn’t sit around and talk about it or wish for it to happen.  They just stepped in and did it.

Being in a ‘job’ where I help others every day I know it is not always easy to be of service to others.  It very often is difficult and it is work.  There isn’t always an answer.  There isn’t always an easy solution.   Helping is not always rewarding.  It can be frustrating.  And it can be, and often is, refused.  Even when we stand there eagerly with what we “think” is a wonderful solution.  The figurative and literal door can, and has been, slammed in willing to help faces.


Then I am reminded.

By something so kind and genuine.

By people doing the kind and genuine.

They show me again….

That help…is not always work.