32 thoughts on “I’m Okay With This

  1. Definitely should put this on magnets, tea towels and could sell a lot. If you didn’t need the money, it could be put in your grandies’ savings or a donation. I simply love this, Colleen


  2. YES! And it’s a big issue at work. They simply cannot and will not keep it simple. If it can’t be excessively complicated, why bother thinking it through? Actually, my entire profession is like that. The rules just go on and on for both taxes and accounting (GAAP reporting – Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).



    • Sigh. Nancy. Sigh. I do believe that there is a mind set in the world at large that believes ‘complicated’ means ‘intelligent’. That’s not to say that some things aren’t going to be complicated or complex. But I believe there is a purposeful game of creating complication to trip up and confuse others. The more complex and difficult a process becomes, the more people can be taken advantage of. Don’t we see that? Don’t we have people who create laws and rules and purposefully build in “loop holes”? Etc…..

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