The Power of Grace

I believe there is true grace in receiving.

In being open to needing.

It takes courage.


To let others know you need.

And to accept the kindness

The strength

The fortitude

The generosity

The love

Of others-

When you are in need.

To hold you up.

To keep you together.


Is the power of grace.

And the truth of humanity.

49 thoughts on “The Power of Grace

  1. I so totally agree with you. It takes a strong person to “need” and to accept help. I feel put out when I offer help and it is not taken. It is much more difficult to accept help – especially as I age. I think I feel my independence is challenged. Great post as always, Colleen.


  2. It does take courage Colleen, to lean on others. I have a hard time when I realize I need help and have to ask for it. It feels as though I’ve failed in some way. Yet I do not judge the person who needs me. Interesting… ❤
    Diana xo


  3. Well said. This is something I struggle with. I have a very difficult time letting others know when I’m going through a rough time. Normally I try to hide it from the world and work it out myself. What’s odd is that others come to me. I just don’t go to them. Even still, I know that a person should never carry the load alone. It’s not healthy, emotionally or physically.


  4. this is something that has always been a struggle for me, though i’ve learned to do so over time. it’s always been easier for me to give of myself, to help another than to ask for or receive things from others.


  5. Beautiful … and true. I think we all have problems with admitting that we need support and help from people around us. We have this thing about putting up a brave face upfront. I’m very good at it. So beautiful said here. Have a lovely weekend, you two.


  6. One of my go-to sayings, always, is “No. I’m fine. That’s OK.” You hit the nail on the head here, MBC. I don’t know why, either. I’d rather not. Still. I should learn to say “Yes, I do. Thank you very much.”


  7. Colleen, this is lovely. It is an act of humility to accept help or charity. But grace is also part of being able to accept. I agree this takes a lot from the receiver to ‘give in’ and receive. Even now, I tend to try to figure out a way ‘to repay’ others kindnesses. When my being able to accept is what they merely wish to be their gift.


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